Behind the Blog

Who's the blogger?

I'm a free-spirited chica that boasts clean eating and fitness, but will never give up donuts, cherry coke or Swedish Fish. Ever. 

First and foremost? I'm a daughter of the King, Jesus Christ. I'm a wife to my high school sweetheart and mom to four littles. I'm sarcastic and silly. I have had a problem with binge eating, anxiety and sugar addiction. I still struggle, on occasion, but I've been released from the spiritual bondage of those addictions and anguish - only through strength found in Jesus. Without Him? I'd be one with my couch, and covered in donut crumbs.

I'm a writer, a photographer, a day-dreamer. A social media lover, a candy eater, and yoga lover. I'm a laugher, a smiler, a make-up wearer. I'm a lover of everything red, pink roses, and squirrels.  I love art, handmade and vintage things. I don't care for sports or board games (and you can't make me). I love adventures and car rides. I don't believe in double-spacing at the end of a sentence. Today is for today; tomorrow is for tomorrow and yesterday is just an X on the calendar. I like to see the beach, but hate getting sandy. I'm fascinated with airplanes, but don't care to fly in them. I'm an indoors girl; I'm allergic to cats, dogs, trees, grass and I don't like being too hot or too cold. I love laughing, a lot. I love a good book, mostly non-fiction. I have many ideas and hope some will materialize. I love reaching out to others, being a mentor, and I often find myself working in that capacity - to friends, family and people I don't know.

From the time I was a little one myself, to age 30, I had a long every-hour-of-every-day battle with generalized anxiety, OCD, and hypochondria. I still struggle sometimes, but much like my eating disorders, without Jesus strengthening me, I'd still be there. I thank Him from delivering me.

How'd the blog start? Speaking of Jesus, I'd been asking Him to use me. To use me to glorify Him...He untangled my anxieties and gave me a good push; He gave me a voice developed through trials. And, that's the one you'll read here. The focus of this blog is to illustrate things that happen in life (family, weight issues, anxiety, parenting, marriage, etc.) while attempting to incorporate visions of grace as much as possible. In short, it's the day-to-day mama stuff with reflections on our beautiful Creator! I'm not gonna lie, I sometimes reluctantly hit the "publish" button, but so far so good. I pray that this blog is truly helpful to others and glorifies Him.

What else? When I started this blog in early 2012. I've been blessed - incredibly - by the readers of this blog and the blog networks I link up with. I love your stories, your suggestions, your encouragement, and your comments. Thank you, so much, for reading and commenting!

Need a little further bio breakdown? Here are some random things about me: 
  • I could eat pizza or chicken and dumplings every single day.
  • I am terrified of roller coasters. TERRIFIED.
  • I have a little trouble following directions so I improv a lot.
  • I'm am a writer in real life, too. I have a degree in professional writing. :) 
  • I've been doing freelance photography since 2010, but I've loved photography all my life. I despise the phrase "mom with a camera."
  • I love cooking and eating, hence the over-eating,  under-eating, over-exercising problems I've struggled with.
  • I love shopping at thrift stores and garage sales. 
  • I love music, yet have no musical talent whatsoever.
  • I have a red kitchen and hope to always have one. Red is my favorite color of all colors. 
  • Anxiety has been a major stronghold in my life and has taken a few forms (hypochondria, OCD, and generalized anxiety). The Lord ultimately ripped these strongholds from my life, but not without teaching me plenty of good lessons first. I'll share some of those with you here. 
  • Psalm 139 is one of my favorites. If you don't know it, you should go read it
  • If you have questions, just ask. I'm pretty much an open book and I love to listen and provide guidance where I can.