Weight Loss Photos

Here's the skinny (and not-so-skinny): 

My highest pregnancy weight was 225 (July 2012). After losing some weight following delivery, I settled at 198. My clean eating weigh loss journey started there and will continue to the 125-130 range. I'm getting closer!

Wonder why I'm showing you all these pics? I think these photos may help you and they help me, too. Seeing where I started is continued motivation not to go back there. Working on a 70-ish pound weight loss takes a lot of steam and I don't want to do it twice! As far as helping you, I think I've seen just about every before/after picture there is on the internet. I wanted to see that my end-goal was possible. I wanted to see that other women, like me, could do this - that they could lose 50, 60, 70 or even 100 pounds without some extreme and costly or complicated weight loss effort. So, that's why this page exists. I hope it helps you. PS. I'm 5"3 (some people like to know what a particular weigh looks like at a particular height).

200lbs | Aug. 2012

198lbs | Sept. 2012

(L) 198 - Sept. 2012 |  (R) 185 - Oct. 2012 (30 Day Challenge)

(L) 198 - Sept. 2012 |  (R) 170 - Oct. 2012

Approx 165lbs. - Dec. 2012

Approx. 158lbs - March 2013

Approx. 158lbs - August 2013

Approx. 150lbs - August 2014