Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Budgetized Living Room Re-do!

I'm pretty sure my home decor spending has surged a little since I started Pinteresting. It's not that I'm blowing a bunch of money just for the sake of having new things, but I've noticed that our home was lacking in personality in a few areas and quickly become pinspired to make some changes. The first makeover was our family room, but that's another post. The second makeover was our front room. This room has been a formal living room, an office, and now a cozy living space which really equates to a lot of things. Sometimes it's a reading room, a room for quiet talks with our children, a blog-writing room, a nap-on-the-couch room, a room for the Christmas tree, a room to admire snow or falling leaves from the large picture window, or a room just to sit...and daydream.

I got the re-do pinsperation from this post. I still like the seagrass baskets used in the original pin better than what I picked, but, we're looking at about $6 a box or $15 a box. Plus, I'm allergic to seagrass. ...I know. I didn't want to spend a fortune on this re-do, so I scouted out some cheap(er) lamps that were still big enough to fill the space. I found these cutesies at TJ Maxx for $25 ea. I thought that was a steal (ok, not a thrift store or garage sale steal, but a retail steal) because comparable lamps are more than that for the base alone (then another $20 or so for the shade). I think the shade is a nice contrast with the wall without drawing too much attention away from the print.

When I was thrifting for some maternity threads last week, I picked up a few old books (to add to those I already had in this cubby). The books were .29 each, I believe, and make a nice filler for that space. I think the color of these books coordinates with the over-all warmness of the room, as well.
In addition to the books, I picked up this mosaic hurricane candle holder at the thrift store for $1.99. There's no candle in it, but it ties things together and balances out the overall display. I *did* have matching mini-hurricanes that I pitched in a fury of de-cluttering a month or so ago. It always works that way, doesn't it? 

The shelf itself is the $69 Expedit shelving unit from Ikea, in black-brown and turned on it's side. Here's a note, if you buy these shelving systems make sure you get the bins that go in them AT IKEA. They fit best. I got similar bins from another retailer for another shelving unit we have and they are too small (read: they work, but they don't look right). 

I also picked up a pair of grommet-style 84" drapes at Target for under $9, two panels included, on clearance. They are black/tan/gray stripe and match the room perfectly. I'm super pleased! If you've ever bought full-length curtains, you know that they are about $25 a panel from a discount store and can be much...much...more from specialty stores.

The print I hung above the shelving unit is a printed photograph displayed in a Ribba poster frame from Ikea, with matte. Overall, I'm super pleased with how this room turned out. Just a little change in decor and a fresh coat of paint has warmed up this room to be the perfectly cozy multi-use room that it is.


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  1. I always declutter things right before I need them too :)

  2. Looks great!! Thanks for linking up.

  3. Expedit from IKEA is my favorite thing EVER! Can't wait to get more to organize our upstairs!

    1. Um, agreed. They are so affordable and I had to stop myself from buying a giant one in the scratch & dent room that was a steal of a deal - I don't really have any more room for Expedits...though I suppose I could use them as room dividers :). We have one (next to largest size) for kids books and games; one each in two of the kids rooms (the small) one, for random kid junk, this one in the living room and one in the office for files and other stuff. Seriously, one of the best shelving inventions ever. I think they are sturdier than comparable products, too.

  4. I love "finding" you linked up at blog hops. Cute space.

    1. Thanks :) I love to see the fresh stuff prepared for blog hops. I think they are great because it's like a built-in writing prompt each week and a good opportunity to find other awesome reads out here in the blogosphere. :)


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