Friday, March 30, 2012

Oh yeah, the hospital bag...

I'm always entertained by my friends and sisters who pack for a trip ahead of time (and, by ahead of time, I mean not throwing stuff in a bag while the rest of the family is waiting in the car ready to go). I make things simple when it comes to packing (or harder, depending on your personality type and how you look at it).

About an hour before we leave, I throw a bunch of clothes in our bags, grab toiletries and towels, all of the needed electronics, and we're out). This has always worked for us...with the exception of having to buy a few forgotten things on occasion when we reach our destination, but it mostly works and cuts out the stress of packing. Now, I do admire you pre-packers, I really do! If I could have it all ready a week ahead of time, that would be great! Hearing about all friends and relatives packing up and heading out for spring break lately got me thinking about another type of packing I'll have to do before long...the hospital bag.

When I was pregnant with #1, I actually was packed early (though I searched high and low for these sour suckers recommended in birthing class...I never found them and didn't need them, fyi). I can't remember what all was in my bag, but I do know that I found I could survive on less and less each time I checked in to have another baby. With baby #2, I was literally throwing clothes and things in a bag (out of the dryer, mind you) as my contractions were 4 minutes apart at about 4:30 a.m. With #3, I think I packed the day before my due-date or so.

I know there are lists and lists of things to bring and not to bring to the hospital, but I'm going to give you the real-life run down of what worked for me.

  • A few pairs of your own clothes that you could afford to part with should they get ruined (I like yoga pants and tank tops) and a robe if you're a robe-wearer. Your pre-baby clothes most likely will not fit, so don't even try it get too eager there. I wouldn't buy anything new for the hospital, just be comfortable. Also throw in about seven to ten pairs of your ugliest underwear. 
  • Camera, phone, and necessary chargers. 
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, and your own hairbrush, headbands/hair-ties, soap and washcloths and a pack of giant overnight pads. You're going to a hospital, not a hotel. Plan accordingly.
  • Flip flops that you can throw out after your hospital stay. Socks if you get cold feet.
  • A spray bottle. Quite honestly, I feel like the hospital's furnace is on every time I'm there and, no, they probably won't turn a fan on you during labor. A wet washcloth on the face or spray bottle helps.
  • Nursing bras and nursing pads.
  • Snacks for afterward.
  • Going home outfit for baby and baby blanket. PS. Your baby will probably appreciate something that doesn't have a bunch of snaps, buttons, etc. Just something that's one piece and cozy is usually best. They've been swimming around in your womb for 40wks, getting dressed is going to be a bother. 
  • Boppy pillow! I'd like to shake the hand of the person that invented this thing. 
  • And, finally, a big bag for dirty clothes.
I'll update this list again if I think of anything else. Happy bag packing, friends! :) 

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  1. I also pack clothes for John and snacks or something fun for the older kids when they come to visit. John likes to be at the hospital most of the time and I like him being there. I think it's a good time for him to bond with the baby and he helps me a ton getting around after the c-section. I pack him a jacket, pjs, blanket, pillow, clothes and underware to change into. He does go home after the first night and he can get whatever else he may need. Oh and cash for vending machines, cafeteria and parking.


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