Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What's better than wearing a baby?

With my first two kids, I fumbled with front-carriers to tote them around. By the time I got them awkwardly into the carrier, they wanted to be taken out and held again. After about five minutes of "sssshhh....ssssshh....this is nice. you like your carrier" I took them back out.  It was really more of a struggle than it was worth. I found myself in a constant state of fussing with adjusting straps, turning the carrier around because I put it on backwards or put my head through the arm hole, etc. I mean, moms are exhausted and out of our heads most of the time as it is...I don't think there should be that much thinking involved with something like this.

When I found out I was expecting #3, I decided to start looking at other options; after-all, if you do the math - One Mom + Three Children = Being Seriously Outnumbered. Of course, I'm a reader. I will read (ahem, obsess) about something until I just can't possibly stand it anymore and have to make a decision. I read review after review for just about every carrier on the market before settling on the Maya wrap.

Reasons for my decision: 

My third baby in her sling as a one year old.
  1. It's practical. It's a one piece deal that comes with a little matching bag. It can easily be folded (or balled up...which we all know is what moms of a bunch of kids do) and thrown in the diaper bag. 
  2. It's easy to use. I watched a ton of videos and testimonials; getting baby in and out of the wrap looked easy (and it was).
  3. It holds all sizes of babies - teenie little babies, big toddler babies, and everyone in between. I've held my daughter in this wrap as a newborn and I've held her in it as a toddler. It's totally functional. 
  4. It's washable. Um, if you have a child that spits up or poops - this is essential. 
  5. It's pretty. I actually ordered the wrap shown in the stock photo above (because I figured it would match everything; My second choice would be to get a black wrap, but I thought that would get too hot for baby AND there'd be no disguising baby dirt. 
  6. It's a good shield. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but it makes me a little nervous when strangers ask to hold my newborn or touch/kiss him or her without asking. This carrier is a deterrent. I think people are either freaked out by baby wearing or they think you're carrying a small dog. I'm not sure. Either way, the random baby touching was kept to a minimum with this carrier.  
  7. It has a pocket. How sweet is that? You can carry your baby AND your keys at the same time. I know myself and the chances of leaving one or the other somewhere is more likely if both aren't contained in the same place. 
  8. It has a tail. Oh the endless uses. You can use the tail as a nursing cover for a little more privacy; a spit-up rag (hey, you do what you gotta do), or a little wind protection for baby. I found that extra fabric really helpful. 
  9. It's not super thick hot fabric. I think the other reason my kids, especially when they were really little, didn't like front carriers is because they get hot and sweaty so easily. I like it that this fabric is thinner and you can just dress baby to his or her comfort. 
My only regret - not buying one two babies ago. 

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