Thursday, June 14, 2012

TILT: Thirty-One Gifts Cosmetic Bag

There's something about finding a product that you love, then seeing the crafty people of the world (um, that wouldn't be me), come up with awesome alternative uses for that product that makes it even more valuable. My most recent multi-use purchase is the Cosmetic Bag by Thirty-One Gifts. Let me paint a little picture for you.

Mom and dad ushering three children into church like little ducklings. Dad is carrying one and holding the hands of the other two. Mom has her ginormous Bible half in and half out of her purse, as well as dad's. Additionally, she's toting the diaper bag filled with extra clothes and diapers and a coffee that she's trying super hard not to spill all over (herself). On the way back out of church, we have programs/sermon notes, Sunday school papers, registration forms, etc. This was pretty much the scene every Sunday for us. A balancing act to get in and out of church with everyone and everything, all in one piece. And, seeing as how I'm prone to klutziness, I usually end up dropping, leaving, or losing a thing or two along the way. I picked up one of these Cosmetic Bag in hopes that it would eliminate some of the "issues" I was having with all the stuff I carry into church. This bag fits my huge study Bible, as well as an iPad, my husband's Bible and all the notes I take during the service (that would be falling out of the back of my Bible on my way out of church had they not been contained in one of the super awesome pockets this bag has). There's a place for everything - and I love it! I'm no longer searching for pens, notes, forms, etc. It all has it's place. AND, all of this stuff fits nicely in the diaper bag so I can carry one less bag on my person - thus increasing the chances that I get to the pew with everything I originally brought in.

I love my Cosmetics/Bible bag and would highly recommend it!

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PPS.   I am an independent Thirty-One Gifts Consultant and need you to know that the views expressed here at Tapestry of the Mundane are mine alone and don’t represent the views of Thirty-One Gifts.

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