Friday, September 21, 2012

It's totes tubular!! A cheap piece of workout equipment you NEED!

Ok, kids, I've had a pretty sweet piece of exercise equipment in my possession for a while now and I didn't even realize it! I can't wait to tell you about it, but here's a little story first.

Ok, so, if you've been reading this blog a while, you know I can be completely irrational nervous about some things. One of the things that bugs me, is the thought of one of my kids knocking one of his or her siblings in the head with something dumbbells (wait, I just heard an excuse not to workout...did you?). So, I've avoided bringing free-weights in the family room (where I work out) for that reason. I have my 10lb set put in a closet way up high where not even I can reach them (that's helpful for my triceps, isn't it??). However, this afternoon, I pulled out one of the Turbo Jam discs I hadn't tried yet; it's the Totally Tubular workout. I didn't pick it on purpose, it was literally just the first one I found that wasn't a cartoon. I thought nothing of the know; I just thought it was going to be a cool enough workout to be deemed tubular! When the dvd fired up, however, I saw that Chalene and her posse were going to use the tubes to workout with. What?? I dug around in my bag of workout junk and, guess what??? I found some tubing! My friend let me borrow it a while back and, apparently, I hadn't found a use for it yet. Quite honestly, I've seen the tubing in the fitness aisle at Target; I thought it looked like a gimmicky piece of equipment and never thought twice about picking it up. Amazon has them here.

Once we got into the workout, I started seeing the many awesome uses for this piece of stretchy tubing. Alas, my fear of free-weight mishaps can be over. This stretchy tubing adds resistance much like a workout done with weights. In fact, you can use free-weights with this workout instead, if you want (some of the people in the video do). The tubing works for arms and legs and is adjustable to suit anyone's fitness level.

And, I can pretty much guarantee you that I'll be sore tomorrow. 

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