Wednesday, October 10, 2012

PinFTW: Chocolate No-Bake Energy Bites

Since I've been eating clean (well, as clean as possible) for the past few weeks, I've been pinning like it's my JOB and trying all kinds of new recipes. It seems like every time I open Pinterest, these things are taunting me. It's most likely the words "chocolate" and "no bake" that get me, because they don't look all that delicious. They actually look a little like something the dog likes to drop off in the backyard. Just saying. Alas, after seeing the pin pop up on my feed about 47 days in a row, I decided to make them them.

I liked them; my husband liked them (no, he wasn't just being nice - he willingly ate like six of them); however, I recruited two of our friends as taste-testers. They took a courtesy bite or two and gave me the stank eye. Anyway. 50% of us thought they were good little treats. And, should I ever remember to buy prunes at the store, I'll make them again. I would compare the taste to that of a LARA Bar - kind of fruit-ish with a hint of chocolate, an odd consistency and unidentified crunch. Regardless, they are good for you! So, if you're looking for a good-for-you treat and if you aren't a picky eater, I say go for it! I would dare to deem this little treat my "clean eating cookie." :) They are quick and easy to make. I recommend a food processor to get all those ingredients combined quickly. I did use 2T of coconut oil to make them stick together nicely - I think the recipe says 1-2T.

Good luck and let me know if you found anything Pinteresting this week!

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