Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I said, "I like my fish square...or in sticks."

And my sister-in-law (aka Willing Cook) said, "that's nasty."

The hubs, the littles, and I went to visit Willing Cook and Mr. Willing Cook and their kiddos one afternoon a few weeks ago and they invited us to stay for dinner (oh, how I love impromptu dinners with friends and family). And, of course, we had a pow-wow about what to have for dinner. Anymore, I'm not ravenous at dinner time because I eat all day. So, I said, "salmon is fine, you guys can eat it and I'll have sweet potato chips, hummus, and cheese. No big deal." And then, my sister-in-law (still appalled) asked how I could be married to such an avid fisherman and only like my fish square or in sticks. I didn't really have an answer.

An hour passes.

The fish arrives with Mr. Willing Cook, is baked, removed from the oven and I give it the stare down. It was shaped like a fish (gross, btw), but it had a lot of seasonings that may cause me to float into food-abyss and forget that I'm eating something that looks like it did when it was alive (I have problems. I know).

Okay. I'll have some, just one bite though. Chew. Think. Chew. Think. Ok, let's have some more.

Seriously, you guys, Willing Cook turned me on the whole fish-deal. I really only cared for white fish (breaded) and shrimp, before. I can take scallops, but honestly, a good old-fashioned McFish would be my fish-of-choice. Until now. The hubs and I totally called them for the recipe the following week.

I was going to give you the super awesome fish recipe for non-fish-eaters on Tuesday, but Willing Cook beat me to it saved me a lot of trouble and posted it before I had a chance to. So, if you need a good salmon recipe, please see her write-up on oven seared salmon. You won't be sorry!!

Also, because we're getting old in an effort to be a wee bit healthier, we're trying to incorporate one fish meal per week. Obviously, fried fish probably isn't going to fit the bill and we'd probably get tired of having salmon every week, so here's another one we tried this week that you might like!

I started with ideas from The Gracious Pantry's fish taco recipe, but did some of my own stuff. Taco filling: shrimp (sauteed with garlic, cumin and chili powder); carrots (those were weird to me); cucumber; and topped with the yogurt sauce. Taco shell: whole grain Ortega brand (really good!).

Here's my commentary: I didn't care for the yogurt sauce. I would have rather saved some calories and a cup of yogurt to use hot sauce instead. The shrimp tasted AWESOME, but the veggies were unseasoned and the sauce (to me) just didn't have the kick I needed to make these five-star. So, hot sauce would definitely benefit these tacos. Otherwise, I'd definitely make them again. They were husband approved, but the kid approval rating was somewhat low, 1/3 kids A-Okayed this one. As a disclaimer, though, our kids aren't really champion taco eaters just yet. We'll get them there.


  1. I laughed my way through this post! Nice play-by-play.

    The tacos look yummy! Sorry they didn't turn out quite right. But, guess what? I have a recipe for you. Try this guac dip. I promise you will love it!

    1. Oops, I forgot about your aversion to avocado. Try this recipe instead for clean ranch dressing instead.

  2. YOu should go look at the pioneer woman's blog. She just posted about a thai chicken wrap thingy she made, that part doesn't look too healthy but the dipping sauce looks like it has some kick and might help this recipe. :-)-Gill


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