Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Busted biscuits and a baby on the table. A day in the life...

I have the worst ADD in the world when it comes to grocery shopping. I don't make a list. I don't meal plan. I don't look at ads. I shop on cravings and daydreams. I always realize there's something I want clear across the store by the time I'm almost finished shopping. Oh, and, I always have at least two littles with me. Did I mention that none of this bothers me? I know you super planners out there are cringing, but I rather enjoy flying by the seat of my pants. It keeps things interesting. Today was no exception, friends. Today, I was the jerk who began unloading groceries for my family of six...onto the lane that was for FIFTEEN items or less. Ahem. As you may realize, it takes more than fifteen items per week to feed my frequently-ravenous brood. I didn't see the sign; I really didn't. The cashier was super nice about it, but as people lined up behind me, I felt their piercing glares through the back of my peacoat. 

So, after that ordeal was over, I came home and unloaded the groceries. I was tossing two ideas back and forth for dinner - Pioneer Woman's Beef Stew OR Pioneer Woman's Tortilla Chicken Soup. When I finally realized that it was time to make a move, I started with the stew. Something about the crisp fall air; the colors of the leaves; oh, and the fact that I picked up two cans of flaky buttermilk biscuits, told me that we were having stew tonight. So, as the stew cooked up, I realized that cook time was a lot longer than I planned. It looked like we weren't going to be eating until almost 8. Oops. We usually eat around 5. So, I decide to go ahead and start the soup, too. Surely that would take less time and if the children started turning into the ravenous beasts that they usually are by 6pm, I could just feed them that. 

Or, you know, cookies. Because by 7:00 pm, neither meal was near finished. 

Pioneer Woman's Beer and Paprika Stew - Amazing.

I love classic fall eats.
While we were waiting, and because the kitchen was already a disaster area, I decide to make a pumpkin pie. You know, the couch-full of unfolded laundry over yonder could just go ahead and take a number. 

The house was really starting to smell delicious. After the pie came out, I decided to bust open a can of biscuits, literally. Somehow my grocery store ADD carried over to the kitchen. I began opening the biscuits with my fancy new can opener, instead of popping center of the can with a spoon. I'm going to blame the clean eating lifestyle. We don't buy biscuits anymore, really, and it just slipped my mind. Yeah, that's it.
I also love laughing at my own culinary mishaps.
Pretty soon, I was getting tired. Timers were going off everywhere. I lost track of what was supposed to be finished when, but it all ended well. Nothing got burnt or otherwise ruined. The stew was mighty delicious, as were the biscuits and pumpkin pie. By the end of the night, I was all for the baby eating whipped cream off her brother's plate; in her PJs; on the kitchen table. You know, whatever floats your boat, kid. Mom's exhausted.

Hopefully the tortilla soup will make a tasty lunch for tomorrow and my marathon cooking experience will not be in vain. Hopefully. 

To be continued...

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