Friday, August 8, 2014

Did you *really* think I was going to quit eating meat?

Well, I totally did. It's been one month since I the last time I had meat and I'm feeling really good about it. Liberated, even. Here are five fun things that have happened since adopting a vegetarian lifestyle:

1. I don't have to freak out about the possibility of consuming raw or undercooked meat at each meal. Yuck, right? That's one of the big things that grosses me out about meat. I've had food poisoning before and I can't say I ever want it again. I know one can still get food poisoning from other non-meat items, but at least I've knocked a few possibilities off the docket, right?

Garlic Zucchini, Feta Omelet and Fresh Cherries
2. The very first week of my "vegetarian lifestyle," one of those steak solicitors started up the drive way. Now, if filet mignon grosses me out, buying steaks from a door-to-door guy with a clipboard and a box of meat chillin' in his truck is definitely not on the agenda. Thankfully, my hubs was able to pull the herbivore card real quick and go, "sorry, my wife is a vegetarian." Steak dude took his clipboard ran for the hills. 

Quinoa Tacos - You won't even miss the meat!
3. I'm not tempted to stop at a fast food place. Yeah, it does hurt my heart a little that Chick-Fil-A sammies are off the list, but it's for the best! Being a vegetarian means no Big Macs, no nuggets, no Whoppers, no General Tso's chicken, no pepperoni pizza and no wild wings. It feels good to have boundaries! I don't need those things any way!

Quinoa Salad - Just like an Italian Salad without the Greens
4. I'm consuming much more of what's better for me. More veggies; more salads; more plain yogurt; more nuts; more fruit; more Sriracha popcorn; more quinoa; more healthy oils; more water and more Shakeology. I'm coming up with creative ways to use these healthy foods and to make the most of them - make them delicious and amazing. Eating healthy does NOT have to be boring if you just give it a little thought. I feel much more balanced than before...if that speaks to you in any way. 

Shakeology - Every. Single. Day. Msg me with questions!
5. This might be too much information, but I feel like my food is digesting really well. Something happens when you get to be about thirty (so my friends say) and you can't just throw back any old cookie, doughnut or onion ring without consequence. No, no...there are TUMS to be taken, my friends. There is tea to be consumed. There are foods to be avoided. I don't know why it happens, but I feel like taking extra special care of my digestive system these days, because I don't have extra time to feel disgusting as a result of my food choices. Do you?

Loaded Sweet Potato - Quinoa, black beans, Sriracha, cheese, etc.

I'm not pushing you (or anyone, honestly) into vegetarianism, but for's been great! I didn't eat that much meat to begin with, so giving it up was really very easy. There hasn't been one time I've felt deprived without it, honestly, and it's helped me clean up my diet even more. Questions? Ask me! 

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