Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I mean, who doesn't eat cookie dough for breakfast?!

Photo by Chocolate Covered Katie
As much as I fight it, I love all that is sugary. Because sugar DOES NOT love me as much as I love it, I'm always scouting out treats that taste like they'll rot your teeth out, but are really quite healthy.

A little while ago, while sucked into all that is Pinteresting, I found a recipe for edible cookie dough, made with chickpeas of all things. I know... chickpeas... chocolate... cookie dough?? It works, I promise! I whipped up this tasty recipe - which is best used as a dip, btw, and enjoyed it (for breakfast...between meals...and whenever I felt like it, basically, until I had my fill of cookie dough goodness).

You should have most of the ingredients on hand; the hardest part for me was finding where chickpeas hide out in the store (they were hangin' out with the garbanzos, btw). I did use peanut butter, real sugar, and mini milk-chocolate chips.

I definitely recommend this dish and it makes plenty to serve as a snack for company. If you try it out, let me know.  I'm sure you'll love it. 

Now, go try it for yourself by checking out the original pin, right here.

This pin is linked up to Mommin' it Up's blog carnival.


  1. that looks so awesome. now I know you said the chickpeas are hanging with the garbanzos, but where is THAT exactly? You know I also loves me some sugar, and since I strive to have, in the words of Erin Brockovich, "one @$$ instead of two", i need to look into recipes like this one!
    Thanks for linking up Tess! You are awesome! Can't wait to see what you pin up next. :)

  2. Chickpeas and garbanzos are by the other international food at my grocery. :) I get 'em in a can.


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