Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Once Upon a Time, I Went to Craft Night...

So, one would think that having a super crafty mother would make me, well, just as crafty. Or at least 1/2 crafty, right? Not so much. My mom can sew anything, paint anything, draw anything, and garden anything. In fact, we call her Handy Nana on occasion. I would put myself in the creative club, but just not the craft department. So sad, I know. However, one night not long ago two of my friends began planning a fun girls' night in that involved food and...and...wait...there always has to be something. A movie? Games? Manicures? Those two more-crafty-than-me girls decided to sneak a craft night in on me. I tried to tell them that I'd bring crayons and paper and try to stay in the lines while they crafted, but nooooo. There was actual, real-life, craft business going on and I was in if I liked it or not. Now, before you think I'm anti-craft, let's get something straight...I'm not against crafting, I'm just sorta bad with scissors, glue, string, and patience. I knew we were about to have a learning experience.

I have to say, I was moderately relieved when I saw that the craft had to do with beading. I *have* beaded before and I know it doesn't involve much cutting and definitely no gluing this time. It does involve patience, however, which flashed me back to the last time I beaded (with a group) and had to re-string my necklace about half a dozen times because I just couldn't keep those buggers on the string. Side note - guess how much fun it is to crawl around on the floor and pick up a bunch of beads when you're 7 months pregnant. You got it...not very. And, I digress. The project my friends picked was actually really cute, and functional! My Pinteresting pals picked up this adorable bird nest necklace tutorial and, that's what was on the agenda for the night. See the original pin here. All it takes is wire, small beads and a necklace chain (I also made use of my index finger to start the round shape. If you have all that, you can surely do this. In fact, I remember taking a sigh of relief when my one friend said, "you really can't screw it up."

My little four-egg (one for each of my kids) bird nest was put together in about 20 minutes and no beads were dropped during the process. I just needed to take it home and string it on a chain. Hallelujah. I think this necklace is so cute that I am considering crafting some more for gifts.  All in all, I give craft night and this pin an A+. Who knows, maybe I'll even attempt to glue something next time. :) Want to make one yourself? Go see Sincerely, Kinsey. She has a great tutorial with beautiful photos included.

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