Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finally, a photo wall...sort of.

We've been married for the better part of a decade now. In the months preceding our knot-tying, I was eating, sleeping, and breathing all things Better Homes and Garden and HGTV. One of the things I remember seeing early on and thinking, "I'm so doing that the second we get settled in our house." was a photo wall. Well. It's funny how things happen. We bought our first house and gutted the entire thing. Putting up new drywall, rebuilding bathrooms, and refinishing floors was top priority - a photo wall was not. Once we were all settled in our newly rehabbed home, we were tired. And we had a baby...and another on the way. The photo wall never happened and, I supposed I didn't really care at that point. We moved to our next home 10 days before baby #2 was born. I know. I was dilated to five at my check-up the day after move-in weekend.

Thankfully, we didn't need to gut this house. There was some re-doing to be done, but nothing as serious as the first place we bought. Now that we've finally settled in (some four years and almost three babies later), I have a photo wall (sort of). In a perfect HGTV world, I would have taken the entire wall and made a huge collage of frames with exquisite B&W photographs. The reality attention span is a little too small for that these days, so I improvised. I saw this pin on Pinterest and it inspired me do something similar...something less our family room.

I sped on over to Ikea, picked up the necessary frames and shelves and went to work. Okay, I'm lying, my mom went to work. Handy Nana is my personal shelf-hanger. I did get the photos and other decor together though - settling it into its final arrangement for now. I like this set-up because I don't have to commit to it. I can switch the frames, the photos, the other decor without having to patch a billion bajillion nail holes in the wall. I also love it because I found that little heart up there for .50 at Target after Valentine's day. It matches the frames and the rest of the room perfectly, fits just right, and did I mention it was only .50? It is nailed in as is the small mirror, but they are teeny tiny nail holes. I bought the large poster frame featured in the original pin as well, but it was too much to all go over our love seat. So, it's now on display in the other room. If you want your own photo wall, go check out this pin for additional arrangement ideas. God bless the people who pre-figure these things out and post them for the rest of us. :)


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  1. super-cute! love! i need pinterest to decorate my house for me.

  2. Thanks, Jenny. Once I get through all the rooms, idk what I'm going to write for the Pin FTW carny. I might actually have to learn how to craft *gasp.*

  3. I always love photo walls, but have never attempted one myself! This is a great way to give it a try!
    visiting from #PinFTW!

  4. It's totally a great way to experiment. I'm notorious for hanging frames or painting walls and then changing my mind. This gives fickle decorators like myself a little less to deal with when making changes. :) I'd love to see what you come up with if you end up trying it out! Blessings! Tess


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