Thursday, April 19, 2012

TILT: Dr. Scholl's - Jamie / Where practicality meets pretty!

I'm super excited to link up with Things I Love Thursday today so I have an excuse to tell you about my new favorite shoes. When my one of my good friends and fellow blogger came back from Blissdom we got together for dinner soon after. The first thing she says to me, " have to try on these shoes." She procedes to flip off her shoes and push them toward me. Now...I would have expected, "check out these cute shoes I got at Blissdom" or "hey, these new shoes are soooooo comfy." But, no. She basically went all Cinderella on me and said, "put this shoe on!" Two seconds after having them on I knew I was getting a pair, too. After a couple weeks of looking around for the right deal, I managed to get $15 in DSW coupons plus a code for free shipping and ordered my pair of Jamies, which arrived just in time for me to test them out on a trek around Disney World.

Now, I suppose you want to know why they're so awesome, right? Right. First of all, they have an great massaging gel insert that loves on your feet while you walk (this is the best part). Second, they come in a ton of awesome color combos so you can look super cool while being comfortable. Third, with the neoprene stretch collar you can easily get them on without tying/untying (when you're pregnant that's really important!) Fourth, they have awesome traction and a lining that - according to their site - wicks away moisture. I haven't tested out that feature yet. Finally, they are just cute!! I love my Jamies and I'd recommend them to anybody. They fit my friend's little skinny foot and my foot that looks like it belongs to Fiona from Shrek. I think means they're universally awesome!

Now that I've given you a bajillion reasons to love these shoes, go getcha' a pair! Just Google "Dr. Scholl's Jamie" for lots of shopping options. 

Did I mention this post is linked up to Things I love Thursday (TILT) at Maria Dismondy's Blog - Be the Difference? Go check it out and see what everyone else is loving this week!

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