Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Avocado Intervention

Apparently, I'm one of the last people on earth to learn the Avocado ABCs. We had dinner at my Pop's house this week and as soon as I walked into the kitchen, I saw it. A rather ripe avocado. The cutting board. A kitchen knife. I knew right away that he read about my avocado chicken salad troubles and an Avocado Intervention was about to go down.

After dinner was over and the kitchen was clean, he showed me step-by-step how to properly slice an avocado - starting with how to gauge the ripeness. The one I was working with on the chicken salad was far from ripe, by the way. That was my kitchen deficiency of the day and why I nearly lost a finger trying to slice the thing. You can see the other steps in my collage to the right. Slice the avocado length wise, knocking the pit out, and gently peeling the meat away from the outer layer.

Pops and I
It was easy as can be and I'm now comfortable approaching that wild little super-food on my own again soon; I may even try the chicken salad recipe again, though eating it plain, with salt, like Pops does is mighty delicious.

I'm thankful for everyone who commented (and laughed at me with me) on my last avocado post. If you're clueless about all this like I was, be sure to read the comments under my previous post. They are very helpful. Thank you also, to my Pops, who always takes a teaching opportunity when necessary, no matter how old I am. :)

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