Wednesday, April 4, 2012

When it comes to workouts I'm a watch watcher, not a clock watcher. Got it?

Yeah, I realize that's a confusing blog title...but that's how my last few days have been. I came down with the dreaded, the painful, the super contagious strep throat this weekend. Thankfully I'm feeling a lot better now, but a few days went by where I'd be thankful just to get my shoes on the correct feet and to stay awake for more than 10 minutes at a time. Strep is rough stuff!

Even though I was only super sick for a short time, it got me thinking about my health, my family's health and things we can do to improve. I run a slightly different show when I'm diet changes guessed workouts don't really happen change. When I'm not pregnant, I really enjoy high-impact cardio, free-weights, the occasional run, and almost nothing else related to exercise. Those things aren't baby-belly friendly and, therefore, I become a gym-quitter for 9-12mos at a time every couple years. I am, however, making better attempts this time by using the elliptical machine (sometimes) and basically moving around more than ever before. My diet hasn't been completely out of control either (notice, I said completely, so no one can comment otherwise). As a result of being a gym-quitter, I have a lot of work to do once I go back to exercising. One of the BEST workout tools I've found, I'd recommend to anyone who wants to get serious about shaping up.

900 Calorie Burn from Cardio + Strength Training
No matter what your workout goals are - a walk around the block or marathon training - you have to check this out; it's so awesome in fact, that I pinned it recently. That's right, I have a hard time working out without the Polar FT7 Calorie Counter / Heart Rate Monitor watch.

Now, maybe calorie counting isn't your preferred method of weight loss/maintenance, don't tune out just yet. It works for me better than anything else, but if you don't use count calories to lose weight, you can still check the intensity of your workout by watching the watch. Get the title now?  By using this monitor (that I feel is much more accurate than those built into gym equipment or general numbers that come from apps because it very consistently measures your HR and takes your other stats into consideration), I can gauge the intensity of my workout by the second, no matter what I'm doing. If I do a workout DVD and then hit the elliptical for 15 minutes, it's all recorded and, therefore, I know how I'm doing for the day. Honestly, I probably would have stopped lifting weights after the first day if I didn't see how many calories lifting burns. I felt like I was doing so little for a short amount of time...not so! If I'm not putting forth enough effort while doing the DVD, I know it because the # on the watch shows. If I usually burn 600 calories in an aerobics class and halfway through I'm only at 200, I know that I better start moving to keep up. It's really shaped my workouts while shaping me it at the same time.

This watch keeps track of everything - even allowing you to save and export workout records. You'll also be sporting the barely-noticeable/adjustable elastic strap (that goes around the top of your rib cage) to monitor your HR and produce the calorie count/HR. Check it out; I think it's worth the investment for sure. If you have any questions, let me know. :)


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  1. I think that's brilliant! But of course I only do Pilates, so I'd be a little depressed about the lack of calories burnt. But if I were crazy enough to actually do, you know, aerobic exercise, I'd totes get one of those. Thanks for linking up! xo


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