Wednesday, May 30, 2012

PinFTW: Cake Batter Rice Krispe Treats!

Okay, admittedly, I am a terrible baker. Yet, my inner-SAHM keeps volunteering to bake things for my kid's school functions. I've been telling her to STOP IT and just volunteer to do something else instead, but she's not listening. So, I'm back on the baked goods list again for tomorrow's end-of-the-year function. This is really odd for me (it must be the pregnancy hormones), but I already have my work done for tomorrow. That's right! That means I won't be up at 11:45pm dropping butter on the floor and flinging flour everywhere. Hooray for advanced planning, right? Don't get too excited, it probably won't happen again fro a while.

Okay, here's my secret...I made something that's nearly fool-proof. I mean, I could probably find a way to mess it up, but not this time! I found these sweet treats on Pinterest early this morning as I was planning my route for the day. They were super-easy and, the only side effect is that I now have a little belly ache from taste-testing half a dozen or so (and, um, scraping the pan). Hey, don't judge! I didn't want to embarrass my child by being that mom who sent in the nasty baked goods. :)

I did make a couple modifications to the original recipe and, here they are: 
  1. I really love the taste of cake batter. In fact, it's one of the only things I'll eat that includes a raw food product (not when I'm pregnant, people. Don't hate!) So, I made the first batch of these with twice as much cake mix as suggested. That wasn't really enough to convince me that they tasted like cake batter. For batch #2, I added an entire cup of cake mix and, they were cakier. Yeah, I said cakier.
  2. I also added some vanilla to the marshmallow/butter mix in the second batch. I didn't measure (of course, I didn't), but I'd guess it was about 1 teaspoon. I think that helped the cake flavor, too. 
  3. I added more butter to the second batch - 5T as opposed to the original 3T that the recipe calls for. This recipe has marshmallows, sprinkles, butter, and cake mix. I don't think anyone is eating it in an effort to be health conscious; so, what's a little extra lard going to hurt? 
  4. I made two batches and bought a 9oz container of sprinkles. I ended up using half of that container for both batches. So, the small container this recipe calls for may not be quite enough if you're a sprinkle fantastic like my kids and I. Go for the big jar!
I think that's it! The hardest part will be getting the once-boiling remnants unglued from the sauce pan. That's for later today and, maybe Pinterest will have something for me there as well!! :) 

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!!
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  1. Those look so good!! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. Oh the humor that comes across in your instructions is beyond priceless!!!! LOL!!! Love it and off to the kitchen I go to drop some butter on the floor and fling some flour!! :O))


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