Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thrifty Business

I'll be the first to tell you, I turned my nose up at thrift store shopping as a new wife; I wanted new stuff - shiny, I get to break the seal on the package, fresh out of the box, never used, new stuff. As a new mom, I wanted my kids to have brand new, never worn, tags on, no possible unknown kid germs, new attire and toys. Now, there's nothing wrong with buying things new. However, if picking up second-hand, gently-used or refurbbed items is in the best interest of your family then don't hesitate for a second! 

We could buy all new stuff, but it doesn't make sense to if we can find something just as good second-hand. In fact, I think it makes shopping more fun. I have a really hard time shopping retail these days. I can pick up an entire season of clothing for all the kids (and some for the parents) for under $100 at a thrift store. Try that at a retail store. With even kids jeans marked at $40 in retail shops, I would have a hard time getting one season's clothing for one child for $100. I picked up bags and bags of maternity clothes for about $65 at thrift stores recently. That's the price of one pair of maternity jeans in a retail store, ladies! Additionally, I know there are some things we just won't find in a thrift store or at a yard sale and will have to pay more for. Saving on everything else makes these purchases a little easier to digest.

If the only time you set foot in a thrift store is to find attire for a costume party
, you really need to give it a try. You will more than likely find all the brands you love. It's not all out-dated, torn-up attire, friends. I most always find great stuff. I'm a big label-checker; it's not because I need to carry a certain label for status, it's because I know some clothing lines are crafted more carefully than others and will ultimately hold up longer (especially when handing clothing down from kid to kid). And, besides, it's fun to take a garment home for $2.99 that you know once hung on a clothing rack for $50 or more. 

So, if the thrift store gives you the
queasies, just try it! I doubt you'll be sorry. The worst that can happen is that you walk out, wipe yourself down with some hand-sanitzer and forget the whole experience. Besides, working to be frugal for your family is extremely important and part of your job as a mom and wife. This is just another little thing you can do to get there. 

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