Wednesday, May 16, 2012

PinFTW: Um, what's that smell? Did you just make a big salad?

For years now people have been walking into our kitchen only to go..."um, what's that smell? did you just make a BIG salad?" No, people, that's just the smell of CLEAN permeating from my freshly wiped kitchen counters and dining table. I've gotten some funny looks, offended noses, and sometimes an, "oh that's cool;" nonetheless, I maintain, cleaning with vinegar is AWESOME.

When we started having kids, I started being a lot more careful (read: having OCD freak-outs) about the type of household cleaners I was using and (leaving around the house). At times, in the midst of a little freak-out, I had this perpetual and quite irrational fear about my kids downing a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner or spraying all-purpose cleaner in their little eyeballs. I know. I KNOW. So, half a dozen years ago or so, I started using vinegar to clean with. I figured if I can eat it, I don't have to worry about the kids getting into it. (Side post: If a drop of this should fly out of the bottle directly into your sinus cavity, it BURNS LIKE FIRE. I learned that one when breaking the seal open a fresh bottle a few months ago). I still wouldn't let the kids play with the bottle or anything (or put them up to cleaning though it's tempting), but I don't worry so much about them ingesting all that's toxic in those "other" cleaners, should they accidentally pick it up...or maliciously spray it on each other.

Back to the point - at first I just used straight white vinegar in a generic spray bottle that I picked up at Target because I clean like I cook (without directions). After seeing this method of cleaning rise in popularity and pop up frequently on Pinterest, I switched up the formula a little.

These days, I fill my spray bottle with a little dish soap, white vinegar (about 15oz), and warm water. It works so well and gets off grime that some other natural cleaners don't. I love those natural store-bought cleaners for what they are; but, my goodness, they are expensive and they often don't do much more than cleaning with plain water. I most frequently use this solution in the kitchen, bathroom, and to kill ants. :) This is a pretty inexpensive fix-up, too. That big bottle of vinegar lasts a long time and you don't use enough soap to really even notice that it's gone.

So, if you're weird about cleaning chemicals like Yours Truly, maybe give the vinegar trick a try? Your kitchen will only stink for a little bit, promise. PS. I use this on my kitchen table because it's basically indestructible and the kids have already done some "work" on it, but be careful using it on/around wood. Do some online reading and spot testing before you proceed). 

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  1. Everything about this post cracked me up! You are funny girl. Oh, and nice cleaner. :)


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