Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Newsflash: Thanks to an 80's movie, YouTube and too few hours in the day, I cut my own hair.

I had a Molly Ringwald moment on Friday night. Remember the 80's flick, For Keeps (yes you do), where a pregnant Darcy Elliot Bobrucz (Ringwald) goes into the bathroom and chops off her own hair? I SO did that! I always remember seeing that scene thinking, "I wonder how she knew what she was doing?" Of course, I'm sure some Hollywood stylists whisked her off to a salon when the cameras weren't rolling, but still.

I didn't really cut it in a fit of hormonal rage or anything, it had just been a while since I had a haircut - like 5mos a while - and I couldn't seem to find the hour to go get it done. This is coming from someone who used to get her hair cut, colored and brows waxed every 4-6wks. Now, my stylist is a friend of mine and she's the only one who's touched my hair for about four years. I knew that if I really screwed my mop up that I could take it to her, plead temporary insanity, and she'd get it all fixed up for me. In an effort to save time, though, I started YouTubing yesterday afternoon. I was surprised to find A LOT of tutorials on cutting one's own hair. I started with the basic "how to cut your own hair" search and, then, considering my super-thick wavy hair I started searching on how to cut layers and thin out hair. I know.

After the kids were sound asleep, I started chopping and thinning. I probably cut three inches off the main part of my hair and five off my bangs. Surprisingly, it turned out fine! Does it look like my super awesome stylist did it? 
No. Does it look like someone cut it blind-folded? I don't think so, but that's the beauty of not being able to see the back of it. My husband liked it, which is a good sign. And, no, he wasn't just being nice because I'm pregnant and we all know frowning on a pregnant woman's appearance in any way is like spitting on a fire-breathing dragon. He had to trim one little piece I missed in the back; but, other than that, and the insurmountable amount of hair that this experiment left ALL OVER THE BATHROOM FLOOR AND SINK AND BATHTUB (I don't think they don't show that part in For Keeps), I think it was a success! 

I also feel somewhat liberated. This is one more little thing I can do that saves my family time and money...until I have a little slip of the scissors and have to seek corrective action from my stylist friend that is. Hopefully I won't have to write that post any time soon, though. PS. I've been waxing my eyebrows for about a year, too, but that didn't start out as well and that's for another post. :)

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PPPS. If you are inspired to cut your hair upon the basis of this post or your findings on YouTube.com, I'm totally not responsible for the outcome. That's why I left no tutorial here. :)


  1. Super cute hair!!! I trim hair just fine and actually whacked tons off at around 13. It did take me about 3 hours at that point :) I am wanting to cut off about 10-12 inches and just don't think I could do it myself!! Way to go you!!! Ps. I'm stopping by from the Titus 2

    1. Leila, thanks for stopping by! I bet you could do it. :) I never thought I could because of the layering part. If my hair isn't layered, it looks like a lion's mane. :) Thanks for commenting and have a blessed day!

  2. Oh seriously ... you are my new hero - lol I cut my own hair too but it's as straight as anything and fairly easy. Thanks for this post - I've never thought about 'youtubing' how to cut your hair. It looks great by the way!

    1. Lol. Thanks, Shelley! I've messed my own bangs up before and have given one of my poor children a really bad haircut in the past. I just did about half an hour of studying online this time and it wasn't so bad. :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting. God bless!


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