Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why, yes, I had a cakepop for breakfast...and the children had ice cream.

Before you scroll to directly to the comment box and tell me how I'm promoting bad eating habits and how my children will turn into little rotten-tooth monsters, let me tell you something. We never do this. A few days ago I saw my sister-in-law and fellow blogger post about her breakfast - a delicious piece of pie and coffee with real whipped cream. I thought to myself... "Hmmm...I'd trade that for  insert whatever brain-food I had for breakfast that day." Then, this morning, my sweet middle child asked for ice cream. Three-fourths of a second later, the baby was in on the deal, too. While I was tempted to say no, holding them off until after dinner, I said, "no problem." Sometimes, people, thoroughly enjoying a meal together as a family (be it Thanksgiving dinner or ice cream and cake pops for breakfast) is a fair trade for brain food.

Though it's not good on the old BMI, it's healthy in that we're taking a moment. The children get tired of hearing "no" and I get tired of saying it, quite honestly. So, when it comes to something that doesn't make a hill of beans of difference in all of eternity, why not use a little cake an ice cream as a time to experience grace? A time to fellowship. A time to slow down and enjoy a special moment with your children. A time to reflect on what matters, and what doesn't. A time to be thankful. A time love one another.


So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. -I Cor 10:31 ESV


  1. This is fantastic! Good job mom. We do this regularly. Boys just had HUGE bowls of orange jello salad the other morning for breakfast.

    Funny conversation heard while working in donut shop. Mom: what do you want. Kid: That (decorated) cookie. Mom: No cookies for breakfast, pick a donut. Me (in my head): Really, a sugar coated fried chuck of dough is better for breakfast than a sugar coated baked chuck of dough?

    1. Thanks and goo point, AJ! The ice cream probably isn't that much different nutritionally than most of the sugary cereals marketed for "breakfast." :)

  2. This is cool. I really like your thoughts on the matter and I believe with an attitude like that it sure must have been an enjoyable breakfast had by all :)

  3. Bacon after all is said to be so bad for you it isn't fit to feed the animal it came from!
    However, my choice, home made bread toasted...
    As your Grandma Meatball said, "Bread - calories? Why it's the body of Christ, bread has to be good for you."
    She was a wise woman.


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