Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Want to hear something Pinteresting?

One of my favorite weekly blog hops has died and my friends over at Mommin' it Up thought maybe it could be brought back to life here at Daily Ups & Pounds. I told them up front that I'm no blog doctor, but we'll see what happens. 

If you are a loyal Daily Ups & Pounds reader, and I know you all are, you know that I have been linking up with Jenny and Emily from Mommin' it Up each Wednesday (okay, most Wednesdays), to share my FAVORITE Pinterest find of the week (or something I found on Pinterest that was supposed to be cool, but I ended up messing up somehow) for quite a while now. I am a big fan of the Pin for the Wednesdays (PinFTW) link up because it gives me real-person insight to how some of these popular pins work. It also forces me to actually do some of the things I pin. You see, if I don't have a post ready for Wednesday, I go cook, clean, or (on an extremely rare [pretty much never] occasion) craft something I found on Pinterest. That produces a post for me (and hopefully not a mess in my kitchen, though that's been known to happen).

Now, since you love this blog so much, I know you'll want to help bring this blog hop back to life by linking up with us if you have your own blog! It's SO easy! All you have to do is try out something you found on Pinterest (anything!) and then blog about it. After you've written your stellar PinFTW blog post, follow the rules below to link up! 

  1. In your post, please link to your original source – the pin you got the idea from.
  2. Make sure and link back to our original Pin For the Wednesdays Post here at Daily Ups & Pounds (please).
  3. In the Mr. Linky below, leave a direct link to your Pin FTWednesdays post, not to your main website.
  4. Totally optional – grab our cute #PinFTW button! The code box is over there in our sidebar.  I have to get the code for the button before you can do week!?
That's it! I know you all weren't prepared for this today, but if you've written something Pinteresting any time this week, go ahead and link it! If not, we'll see you back here next Wednesday. Happy pinning! 


  1. So, my PinFTW is not from the past week, but it was such a successful Pinterest find that I thought it would link up well all the same. I have several recipes I can share too in weeks to come. This is fun! :)

    1. I still LOVE the Roman Shades. I fear, however, that I'm not even that crafty. Lol.

  2. I like the old name better


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