Monday, December 10, 2012

NSVs Abound!

If you've ever spent time on a fitness forum where the participants are working on weight loss, you're probably down with the term "NSV." If not, I'll enlighten you. An NSV (Non Scale Victory) is something good that happens in regards to your weight loss journey, other than the number on the scale going down.

Since I hopped on the clean eating train at the end of September, I've had a rather neurotic relationship with my bathroom scale. I weigh myself every day (I know you're not supposed to; you're not going to change my mind, though). We have our ups and downs, but recently the scale and I have been getting along famously as I've lost 30lbs since September.

Friends of ours are getting ready to leave the country for a month or so and asked to borrow our bathroom scale for a while to keep track of how heavy their luggage is getting as they pack. We would do about anything for these people, so of course the scale is now on a little vacay while they pack. I did have a little moment of panic as we let the scale go. I know from past experience that when I'm separated from the scale, bad things start happening (e.g., if I can't see the number going up on the's not really happening). Right?! I know you know what I'm talking about.

Anyway. I have another way to deal. This past weekend I put on TWO pairs of pants that not only did not zip up before, could not even be pulled all the way up. And, NO, I didn't have to squeeze into them at risk of busting a huge hole in them. They actually fit, like normal pants are supposed to. Fabulous.

So, now I'm looking at this whole scale separation thing as an opportunity to cure my neurotic obsession with the numbers I see each morning. I'm going to work on looking at other changes that are equally, if not more important. Here are some others: I can run around faster, breathe easier, do cartwheels (yes, I'm serious), and I haven't had the want to binge eat in a long time!

These are all great things and I can work on more NSVs while my scale is away; so, if you're working hard and that scale isn't budging...look around! I bet there are plenty of NSVs around you, too!

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