Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I've been spared!

You guys. Even the cleanest of eaters and the most reformed sugar addicts have trouble with Christmasy goodies, right?! Please tell me yes. So far, I've made it through Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the following weeks without gaining weight (and continuing to lose). However, I've been baking for Christmas parties/gifts lately and somewhat losing my mind in the process. Allow me to elaborate.

On Sunday, my mom made some darling sugar cut-out cookies. Of course, I'm lost in the nostalgia - remembering how those were my favorite as a little child. I can remember picking out all of the star cookies, iced in yellow and blue, made by my Uncle Tony and Aunt Diane. They were always my favorite cookie. Fast-forward to Monday. I really wanted some buckeyes - another family favorite. However...the bowl to my stand-mixer was in the dishwasher and I didn't feel like washing it. So, I make no-bakes. I ate four....and ate the remnants stuck to the side of the mixing bowl. Sigh. The next day, I decided to make chocolate dipped pretzel rods as part of my daughter's teacher gift. I've blogged before about what crappy baker I am. So, let's just say there were about half a dozen "test pretzels." What do you do with ugly baked goods, you ask? You eat them before anyone else sees them, OF COURSE! So, after I mindlessly ate the pretzel rods (then ran one of the no-bakes through the melted white chocolate AND ate an additional no-bake AND about four spoonfuls of melted chocolate and a handful of sprinkles), I felt really bad. I immediately tattled on myself to my husband, who hugged me and said I'd be ok. I told you I was a binge-eater, right?! Apparently, old habits die hard. Not that it's a game-changer, but to add to my downward spiral, I ate white rice, (oh, the horror), two days in a row.

I felt sick to my stomach. Pretty defeated. Pretty irritated for eating all that. I really wanted to avoid the scale this morning. I didn't want to see that nasty higher number staring back at me. However, I remembered that that's how I got into this predicament in the first place. So, I stepped on the scale.

-.6. I'm at my lowest weight yet on this journey - down a total of 31ish pounds. 

Seriously? I lost weight after a few days of destructive eating? THANK YOU, LORD!!!! I'm taking this as a second-chance. I've been spared. I'm committing to NO MORE BAKED GOODS until we're actually at a Christmas event. That means so test-bites, no licking beaters, no eating random sprinkles off the counter. After-all, I think holiday weight-gain really comes from leftovers anyway. No one gains 12lbs in a day, but eating that delicious crap day-after-day will certainly do it to you (as it's done to me year after year).

So, I will continue to avoid leftovers and will boycott the baked goods for now. Who's with me?

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  1. Phew, I thought I was the only one beating myself up lately! We have had a Christmas get-together for one reason or another every day for the past week! And let's just say I have sampled (ok, consumed hungrily) some "dirty" food. You're not alone..and I'm glad I'm not either!

    I did decide the same thing as you...At the actual parties, I will allow myself to have one or two things because I do want to enjoy this season :)


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