Monday, January 7, 2013

Cauliflower + Pizza = ???

50% of my blood is infused with olive oil, romano cheese and garlic (my dad's family boated over here from Sicily in the early 1900s). Loving Italian food is literally in my blood! Sadly, my love of thick greasy pizza crusts and rigatoni isn't exactly "clean." Nonetheless, I've been craving a pizza. Instead of starting another streak of bad eating behavior so soon after the holidays, I decided to try one of these crazy Pinterest moves...again. This time, we tried pizza with cauliflower crust. Crazy, right?

IT. WAS. DELICIOUS. The crust didn't set quite right (e.g., it wasn't bread-y, more of a ricotta cheese texture). I don't know if it was the pan I used (I used a 9x13 instead of a baking sheet) or maybe the cauliflower had too much moisture in it, but...I did cook it long enough for the smoke detector to go off four times and it was in no way burnt; so...I'm just not sure what happened. No less, it was good! The hubs (whose blood is about 25% EVOO, romano and garlic) said he'd eat pizza like that any time. 

In addition to the instructions shown on the site, I'll let you know what we topped it with.
  • The seasonings I used on the crust, pre-baking, included oregano and onion powder. 
  • Pizza toppings: organic pizza sauce (just a very thin layer), salami, fresh marinated mozzarella, salami, sliced black olives, and baby portabella mushrooms sauteed in garlic and EVOO. 
YUM! So, I'd love to hear your feedback on this one. Any way to make the crust actually crust-like? Any other tried and true clean pizza recipes? Hope to hear from you.

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  1. I've always been a little skiddish about the cauliflower crusts. Ever since making mashed cauliflower (in place of potatoes), my family has revolted against the little veggie. I'm glad your pizza was a success. I have a gluten & dairy free pizza recipe that I think you could "clean" up a bit. It is super crispy and delicious!


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