Saturday, January 5, 2013

Clean Coffee Creamer from Pinterest

Hey look, that's me drinking
coffee with no make-up on.
We keep it real here.
So, when I started clean eating, one of the few major bummers was giving up my morning creamer with coffee (see what I did there?). Yeah, I'm one of those people who lovvvvvves flavored coffees so I get a little heavy-handed with the creamers. I drank a black coffee the first day of clean eating. To that, I say, "meh." I can do it, but why would I? It takes the fun out of it. Besides, I'm sort of spaz by nature and I don't need the caffeine to be my completely ridiculous zippy self. So, I've more or less ditched the coffee.

I saw this clean coffee creamer recipe floating around Pinterest, but brushed it off because it couldn't possibly be as good as my normal creamer. Right? I also had NO CLUE where to buy the Xanthum gum that's on the ingredients list. Then, my goofball friend Jenny from Mommin' it Up has to go try it. Of course, I can let her take risks alone, so I tried it also.

I tasted it as I was making it and decided to add almond extract and unsweetened cocoa powder to make it a little sweeter. (I know I just said sweeter and then added something unsweetened, but trust's sweeter). I mixed it up in my Ninja blender and then stored it in one of the cups with a lid (but only because I forgot to buy that cute salad dressing bottle at the store). I also forgot milk (thankfully I had just enough left). ...Sigh... You know, Jenny loved the creamer (but she also adds Splenda to her coffee and I don't add any sweetener). I didn't care for it as much, though. It tasted okay from the storage container, but all kinds of yuck in my coffee.

So, if you want try it and see what you think, let me know! Maybe I just needed some added sweetener? Comment back if you switch up the ingredients and know tastes good. Let me know if you love it!

PS. I'm thinking of doing some VLOGS (that's a video blog for you non-geeks); what tutorials might you like to see? Baby wearing tutorials, makeup/beauty, and clean eating are some topics I have in mind). :)


  1. I enjoyed it again this morning... #justsayin'

  2. Oh my gosh, you just said exactly how I feel. With eating better, I dreaded the idea of giving up my coffee creamer. Thank you for this post!


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