Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Faves - 7 things you need to know about.

We have another sick kid here and that means my creative think-tank is currently out of order. So, instead of a story or recipe, I'm going to show you some photos of my favorite things, tell you why I love those things, and hope my creativity returns by Monday.

Got it? Okie dokie, here we go...

This is our Ninja Blender. It came with this large pitcher and individual cups. I use it at least once, but sometimes two or three times a day. It does everything, including make all the fruits and veggies you see in the pitcher below, into a delicious smoothie. If you're looking for a blender, I highly recommend this one. I'd have a really hard time clean eating without it. Our is from Target and it was about $70. 

I might eat clean, but I still love chocolate. I'm a human being for goodness sakes. Instead of wolfing down a king size Milky Way, I buy these super dark chocolate bars and hide them from myself in the freezer. Then, when I get a hankering for some chocolate, I break off two pieces (squares) and that does the trick. Because these bars are separated into squares, it makes portion control really easy. Besides, if you try to over-do super dark chocolate, you'll probably feel sick. I love this dark chocolate chili bar by Lindt. It's spicy, chocolatey goodness. You should definitely try one.

A couple years ago, we got an awesome deal on a Keurig B80 - like $100 off. I know. We wouldn't trade this coffee maker for anything, but buying K-Cups all the time can get pricey. A couple weeks ago, we picked up this solo-fill reusable K-Cup. You just fill it with any ground coffee, pop it in the Keurig and it works like a charm! It's every bit as good as the traditional K-Cups and a lot cheaper. 

I've seen my fellow Facebookers post glowing reviews about the works of Jen Hatmaker for the last couple years. A few weeks ago, I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about. You guys, she. is. awesome. I'm working my way through 7 and I've already purchased Interrupted, another title of hers. She's so relatable. So far, 7 has been one of those can't-put-down titles filled to the brim with literary amazingness. If you're looking for a new book to check out, consider 7.

This is our favorite hummus. It's Supremely Spicy by Sabra (if you don't have your glasses on).
The hubs and I stand at the kitchen island and eat this for lunch almost everyday.
It's amazing with bean or tortilla chips and veggies. It's highly recommended. Go get ya some!

I don't make pasta much at all anymore, but sometimes we just can't get around it. Whole grain pasta never tastes quite done to me, but this brown rice pasta is always perfect. See how it says,
"good consistent texture" on the package? They ain't lyin'. This stuff is good.
Check your grocer and get some. We love it. Husband and kid approved!!

This stuff. It's pure fruit juice, with a splash of sparkling water. We try not to drink any calories,
but the hubs and I split a bottle of this every week and it's so stinking delicious. It's light, refreshing, and knowing it's all natural makes it even better. Check it out ~ I think it comes in eight tasty flavors.

That's all I know for now, friends! 

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