Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Life After Sugar Addiction: Five Fun Surprises

This is me a few years ago, putting some really unhealthy junk
food on frozen yogurt and feeling overly enthusiastic about it. 

  1. I can actually taste my food. - I don't eat most "white foods" - white rice, white flour, white potatoes, and white sugar are all included. A couple months back, we were eating dinner with family and as part of my "treat" meal and I had some white rice. I could actually taste the flavor of the rice. I remember how sweet and good it tasted; before, it was just a bland filler food. I realized right then and there that my tastebuds had been gauged SO high, that I wasn't truly tasting everything I was eating because I was so hopped up on sugar all the time. Since I was unable to taste what I was eating, that just lead to needing more sugar, butter, salt, flavoring, toppings, etc. See example in the photo above... I wish I were kidding.
  2. Certain things are MUCH sweeter now than ever before. - Also, when I was addicted to sugar, nothing was too rich or sugary for me (Did I tell you about the sundae I used to eat regularly when I was pregnant with baby #1? - chocolate ice cream, a banana, chocolate syrup, maraschino cherries plus the syrup they soak in, with crushed up cookies and whipped cream on top). Not exaggerating, at all. I used to eat that one a lot. Anyhow. Certain things like soda (which I almost never drink) and dark chocolate are much sweeter now. Before, dark chocolate tasted somewhat bitter to me. I didn't care about the health benefits. I thought it was nasty. And, with the soda, I could slurp down two or three. Now, I can barely drink one.
  3. My blood sugar no longer spikes, causing me to feel sick. - I can remember feeling like I was going to pass out when running in morning gym class, around age 14. Pretty soon, it wasn't just in gym, it was happening a lot. My mom took me to the family doctor and he said I was probably "a little hypoglycemic" and we called it a day. There wasn't an official diagnosis or treatment, I just knew I always felt faint and tried to just eat more sugar (fake sugar, even) to keep from feeling that feeling. I didn't realize what I was doing, but I knew I felt better that way. Guess what guys. This is why people say sugar is like a drug. I'm not hypoglycemic. I was addicted to sugar. It just took a good 15 years or so, a handful of inconclusive blood tests, and the invention of Google for me to get that figured out. The sugary protein-less food I was eating caused my blood sugar to spike, a lot, and caused me to eat more, a lot more. Additionally, that faint feeling is very similar to the feeling of an anxiety attack. Guess how I inherently treated that one, too? Oh well, right? Knowing is half the battle. Now, I always start my day with protein to combat sugar cravings from the time I wake up on.
  4. I never have sugar cravings (well, almost never). On occasion, I start to daydream about donuts and carrot cake. If it's a special occasion, I'll have a treat. However, I don't "have" to have chocolate, gum, candy, cherry coke, wine, cake, candy, Twinkies cream-filled sponge cakes, wine, candy...etc. every darn day. In fact, a lot of that stuff I just flat out don't eat, drink, or care about anymore. I know, a little sad, but at least my clothes fit and I'm healthier for it.
  5. I don't over-eat. Due to item #3, above, and my six small meals a day, I don't go nuts and binge out on a meal I've been saving my calories all day for OR binge out because my blood sugar is bottoming out and I'm turning ten shades of white. Yes, binge eating is fun. I'm not going to lie. However, it's not good for us and it can easily become a bad habit that quickly leads to weight gain. If I try to over-eat now, I feel sick. Let's see ~ shall I choose barfing or binge eating. That's not a hard one for me. I'm totally content with small meals now. It's a miracle.
Think you might be addicted to sugar? Want more info on how to quit? I'd love to help AND you can check out the following resources about sugar addiction here and feel free to message me via Daily Ups & Pounds' FB page or in the comments below.

Happy sugar detoxing!

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