Tuesday, March 5, 2013

If it weren't for Chipotle...

I'd probably have a lot more weight to lose than I do right now. One of the big reasons clean eating works for me, is because I don't have to eat tasteless disgusting crap can still have food that tastes great and lose weight at the same time - no guilt! Because I can include delicious options in my diet, I am less likely to feel deprived and binge out.

One of my favorite clean eating indulgences is Chipotle. We look forward to eating there each week and the food is SO good that I really don't feel like I'm "eating clean." If you're a clean eater or clean eating hopeful AND also a Chipotle lover, listen up! Here's what's on my plate once a week while I've continued to lose weight...

Burrito Bowl: 

  • Brown Rice
  • Fajita Veggies (like 100 fewer calories than the black beans, btw)
  • Chicken
  • Mild tomato salsa
  • A little sour cream
  • A little cheese
  • A bottle of Izze, any flavor, split w/my hubs.
This bowl combo is so good, that the hubs even orders the same now. Tons of flavor, super filling, and SO. MUCH. YUM. If you have a Chipotle nearby, you definitely need to try it. 

If you don't have a Chipotle, you may try making this dish at home. Here's how I'd go about it: 
  • I would season some boneless skinless chicken breasts with adobo pepper and cook in the crockpot or bake in the oven. Once fully-cooked, chop chicken into small pieces and layer it up in your bowl with the other ingredients listed above. 
  • To make Chipotle-style brown rice, I add lime juice, cilantro and butter to fully cooked rice (just fluff it in with a fork). It's not perfect, but it works. There are dupe recipes on Google, but I do it the easy way. 
  • The fajita veggies are green pepper and red onion sautéed in oil, I believe. 
  • A pico de gallo could be subbed out of the mild tomato salsa, and 
  • you can often find Izze in the natural foods section of your grocery store. :) 
If you try it, let me know what you thought! Also, I'd love to hear about your clean eating indulgences. YUM!

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  1. After reading some of your blog posts re: clean eating I decided to learn more and began clean eating 2 weeks ago. I love the way I feel - more energy and such and I've even lost a few pounds. 4.5 pounds to be exact. I lost that weight the first week and since then my scale has not budged. I'm a bit surprised that this has happened so soon since I've never eaten so healthy in my life! I admit I feel a little lost clean eating since I'm so use to eating less, tracking, and measuring/weighing all my food when I'm trying to lose weight. Any thoughts or suggestions on what I can do to keep the weight coming off?


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