Monday, March 4, 2013

Thrift store shopping - It ain't just dead folks' clothes.

Thrift store shirt and thrift store jeans. Holla!
I may have blogged on this topic before, but I'm not sure. You're going to have to bare with me; we're working on week four of illness in this house!

I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty appalled at the price of clothing. I don't pay full-price, but even at that, the sale prices aren't much better! I try to buy off-season, from garage sales, on clearance, or...MY the thrift stores!

Thrifting isn't just for Halloween costumes, you guys. Every time I go, I walk away with name-brand (and often high-end) merchandise for a fraction of the cost (I could totally write commercials, no?). Anywho. Our little girls and I went on a thrifting excursion. We spent about an hour at the local Goodwill and came out with a few great items!

My oldest girl got a Gap dress and a classic Ralph Lauren dress and some like new Keen sandals ($50 new). I walked away with Old Navy jeans ($35 new), a Lands End Canvas dress ($60-80 new), and two more summer dresses. My middle girly got a sweet Disney brand princess shirt. We also picked up some other random stuff ~ thermal coffee mugs (you know those are probably marked up about 900% in the stores); a gum-ball machine; a nice metal basket; and a random piece of Pfaltzgraff that the two-year-old picked out. :) All of that - $46 and change (plus priceless memories made hunting for treasures with my girls). It's really important to me to teach them that God wants us to be thrifty with the monetary blessings he's given us. Showing all of our children that shopping at thrift stores isn't just something that needy people do, it's something that frugal people do and it helps us use more of our money to spend, save, and give elsewhere to the glory of God!

We don't have to get back-handed by retail price tags. 
Here are some helpful tips that I like to keep in mind while perusing the racks at thrift stores (because some stuff there is past it's prime):
  1. Label Shop - Items with designer/higher-end labels are generally well taken care of.
  2. Know when the sale days are - some stores have them and some don't. If you can find 50%/75% off days, you can score AMAZING deals!
  3. Look for thrift store coupons in your local sales flyers - some of the independent shops do this.
  4. Check all items for stains, holes, pilling, missing buttons, etc. 
  5. Don't buy just to buy. Make sure everything you buy is something you'd really use. If it looks like something you would have donated yourself, leave it on the rack. There are plenty of items that look more worn, but there are many awesome like-new items as well. Sometimes you'll luck out and find items with tags still attached! Sometimes 
  6. If you find a lot of pants in the brand/size you're looking for - venture to the other aisles. Chances are someone with your taste (who's your size) dropped off the motherlode and now it's your lucky day! Check it out!
  7. Don't write off used housewares! Lots of good things in that department (barely used pots and pans, pretty dishes, mugs, specialty pans, crockpots and more). 
  8. Be sure to check the book section! Lots of great books (including kids books) for under $1 usually.
Happy thrifting!


  1. Do you have a list of other local thrift stores besides goodwill that you go to? "Know when the sale days are - some stores have them and some don't. If you can find 50%/75% off days, you can score AMAZING deals!" What places around here do this and what are their days?
    "Look for thrift store coupons in your local sales flyers - some of the independent shops do this." What shops do this around here and where do you find the coupons? Thanks for the post I had been to goodwill earlier this week too :-)

    1. Thanks, Cheryl! I'll message you!

  2. I love thrift store shopping!!! Love this post


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