Monday, July 8, 2013

Over the weekend...

The most amazing thing happened.

We ran through 12 hours of Saturday like nobody's business and then, all of the sudden, it was 7pm and we hadn't had dinner. Don't you hate it when that happens? Me, too. We're in the car and it's the usual we-waited-too-long-to-eat scene.

The hubs: "Where should we eat?"
Me: "My blood sugar is like 0, which means I have the decision making ability of a fly. You pick."

Our kids were begging for burgers and fries so - while someone was making decions - that's what they got. We got their grub and, meanwhile, the hubs suggested Jimmy John's sub shop (I really hope you have one of these places; please tell me you do). Subs aren't really on my "diet" (though I love Italian subs and they rank up there on my top 10 favorite foods of all-time), but I figured I could just not eat the bread. At that point - starving - who cares. I woud've eaten cardboard if you put some peppers and onions on it. Let's go.

So I pull up JJ's menu on my phone. To my amazment, they have a built-in calorie counter on their site (customizable for every ingredient you want - or don't want), which is awesome since I'm now addicted to MyFitnessPal. I started fumbling through some options when I saw, The Unwich. The un-what? Yeah. A lettuce-wrapped sub. Oh my word.

Now, processed meat (like capicola and salami aren't really clean; but, when you can't be clean - be close!). Besides, there's no way (not ever. never. ever.) That I'll be able to give up Italian subs for life - so, a compromise it is! I had my Unwich made like this: capicola, salami, cheese, onions, pepper, lettuce and the lettuce wrap itself. Yes, I ate lettuce on lettuce. The people at the restaurant thought that was funny, too. The entire meal was under 300 calories and every bit as delicious as a traditional Italian sub. AND, the best part, I didn't get heartburn. Bread does that to me.

So, if you and your friends are feeling jerseylicious and want to go for subs, there's no reason to be left out! Just order an Unwich instead. I'm going to try a cleaner version at home this week! YUM! I'm hooked.

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  1. I had no idea that Jimmy Johns had such a thing. And for the record, I love their Italian sub, too. Vito! Man, their bread is so good. I'm not sure I have the willpower to pass it up. haha But great job, you!


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