Friday, July 5, 2013

Let's talk about independence (from gluttony).

As you're all aware (hopefully), yesterday was a widely celebrated American holiday. We celebrated in all of the traditional ways, of course, and talked with our kids about the importance of Independence Day and what it means to our country.

As I was thinking on the topic of independence and holidays, though, I realized something. I've never had independence from bad eating habits on holidays. In fact, I usually use holidays as a reason to eat whatever and however much I want. I can remember doing this, always. Even as a little child, I can remember going back to the food table at my grandparents' house on Christmas Eve and Easter - filling my plate with cheese cubes, dinner rolls, and summer sausage three or four times, one (or maybe even two) of each dessert that was at the table, handfuls of chocolate from the candy dish all night, then grazing the table for the rest of the night. One time, years later, I had a gallbladder attack that left me in excruciating pain - all because I didn't want to miss a bite of the good Christmas food spread.

I've done this (though not as much and not to such a severe degree) even since I started clean eating last fall. Yesterday, though all of the red, white, and blue Pinterest treats looked super tempting, I decided to stick with the program. (I've decided they need a Pinterest Lite for those of us watching what we eat, no?) I weighed in yesterday morning and saw a loss of more than three pounds; I decided that having INDEPENDANCE from food addiction, from sugar, from associating food with happiness, was much more important than indulging in some unwise food choices for momentary happiness. Choices that would surely put me further from my goal.

Let me tell you, that kind of independence feels good. In no way was I deprived with our Fourth of July spread. I made DELICIOUS and responsible food choices. I may have gone over my target caloric intake a little, but it was very close and I felt totally under control, not letting food control me for once! Here's what went on:

For dinner:
  • A bun-less cheeseburger made with lean beef.
  • Sweet potato fries (just potatoes, oil and sea salt) that I counted out to ensure the proper serving size.
  • Fruit salad. 
  • Veggies, steamed with grape seed oil (which I measured) and sea salt.
I allowed myself a modest ice cream cone for dessert and planned my calories accordingly. This was an un-clean choice, but I felt it was okay because 99% of the day was CLEAN eating and I had one cone, not a humongous sundae with three scoops and twelve toppings.
Seems like a pretty delicious and celebratory feast, eh? So, now that we've celebrated the Independence of our country, here's to independence from food addiction as well. One meal at a time, we can break the cycle. 


  1. Good for you! :) I actually made a few light red, white and blue dishes and enjoyed every bite. I can completely relate with the story of how you would "enjoy the holiday" was to eat a full plate and then go back to the table to "graze". I used to do that every single holiday or get together, myself. It is so good to feel like you've finally broken free from that addiction. Be proud! ♥

    1. Thanks, Angela! I certainly feel better about things today. If I would have over-eaten yesterday, it could have very easily trailed into today...and tomorrow...and so on. It feels much better to be content with the good choices! :) Thanks for reading!


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