Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cauliflower Pizza!

Listen. I don't know what genius came up with the cauliflower pizza crust, but I'd really like to shake that person's hand! I know you guys have probably seen this floating around Pinterest by now, but maybe you've been a little skeptical and haven't tried it yet. You're probably thinking what I was thinking, "can a head of cauliflower really qualify as the guest of honor on family pizza night?"

You bet it can.

I'm still not sure how or why, but it can.

I love pizza and tend to eat it with reckless abandon. So, if I'm going to spend the calories on it, it better be amazing. Cauliflower pizza IS amazing. It gets my foodie seal of approval.

Our kids beg for pizza all the time. It's really hard for me to say no because I love pizza SO STINKING MUCH, but I do deny pizza night requests 3/4 times because - let's face it - it's not what we call health food. Now, though, I think the cauliflower brings a point of compromise to the table.

1.) It's inexpensive.
2.) It's not difficult to prepare.
3.) It's a great way to sneak veggies in!
4.) It tastes pretty darn delicious.

I'm going to link you to the recipe I used because it was written out in greater detail and with better photos than I could give you; I will, however, tell you how I customized ours with awesomeness.

Here's the recipe: Tasty Kitchen

Now, here are some pointers/ideas: 
  • I used greased (with grape seed oil) parchment paper on top of a Pampered Chef pizza stone. The pizza golden-browned up and lifted off with no issues when preparing it this way. 
  • When you're wringing the water out of the cauliflower and you think you've gotten all the water out, try to get even more water out yet. It's unbelievable how much water you can squeeze out of the cauliflower. Just hang on to that towel so you don't dump all your lovely cauli-snow.
  • Toppings: store-bought pizza sauce; shredded mozzarella; pepperoni; sautéed shiitake mushrooms; olive spread*.
  • Make two. Why not. It's pizza night. Go nuts.
  • You can make the crust ahead of time. How nice is that? Make it while you you have a free second, then it's just about 10 minutes of dinner prep later. 

* Now, let me take a second to tell you about Olive Muffalata. I don't even know what this stuff is. Wait...yes I do. It's magic. Magic for your pizza, crackers, grilled cheese sammies, subs, zucchini boats, boring brown rice, etc. My word. If you love olives, you need to get some of this. If you don't love olives, you're wrong. We picked this jar up at Costco on a whim because, of course, we love olives and the other stuff that's in there (veggies, cauliflower, peppers, etc.). If you don't have a Costco membership, looks like you can find more places to buy it at the manufacturer's website. I think you should go get some...then put it on your cauliflower pizza. Everyone wins.

Let me know if you try this recipe. I think you'll love it.

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