Thursday, July 10, 2014

I'm in love with PiYo.

I think it was some time last winter when I saw Chalene Johnson make the long-awaited announcement, via social media, that there would indeed by a PiYo DVD series. At that moment, I followed every waiting list, announcement list, IG account, twitter handle and Facebook account that would send me more info because I DID NOT want to miss the big release date. I absolutely love Chalene's videos, for one, and for two... Pilates + Yoga??? It's like she invented this routine for ME. Goodness.

My videos came in the mail last week and I set them aside until after vacation because...honestly? Why ruin a good start to something with vacation ice cream, road trip McDoubles and hefty servings of are-we-there-yet ice cold Coca-Cola. Can I get an amen?

Besides, there was a PiYo challenge group starting the day after we got back in town anyway. I wouldn't want to be an over-achiever and get ahead of those guys (insert eye-roll, here).

Anywho. I tore open the videos on Monday morning and WOWEE!!! If you think you think pilates/yoga is for wimps, you are sorrily mistaken! PiYO makes use of your own body weight for strength training while defining your entire body. It's basically amazing and I can't wait to see the change that 30 and 60 days will bring. I can tell it's working already and, the best part? I actually look forward to PiYo-ing each day. Awesome. :)

I really enjoy strength training, but unless someone is telling me what do to and how often to do it - I might as well just lift soup cans 200 times a day because it would probably be just as effective. Chalene's instructions are very detailed and easy to understand. The best part? No extra equipment is required. Your body. Towel. Water bottle. And, of course, the DVD. Well, a DVD player might help, too... I love, love, love this video series and I hope you'll try it out, too!

Interested in learning more about PiYo? Message me and I'll be happy to tell you more, help you order and coach you as we go! 

Order your copy of PiYo here!

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