Monday, July 14, 2014

There are just some things...

That I refuse to stop eating. I've had this conversation with folks several times in real life, and friends have told me it's re-assuring, so here's the blog version.

Friend: "Sooooo, you don't eat processed foods or refined carbs, right? Now you don't eat meat either? What DO you eat (weirdo)?"

Me: "I eat a clean, un-processed, plant-based diet most of the time. BUT, here's the deal. There are just some foods I'm not willing to give up. If I did, I may never survive this clean eating lifestyle. I love clean foods, don't get me wrong. I love fruit, vegetables, unsweetened tea, Shakeology, brown rice and all that business. BUT...I also love not-so-healthy things, and eating them in moderation isn't wrong, as long as I get right back on track with the next meal."

Here' a list of some of those things on my list: 

Cherry Coke. It's been my favorite for as long as I can remember. It's extra good when it's made behind a bar with a fountain coke and some grenadine. You think? I think. I have maybe one a month, or less and I don't get a refill. Definitely not going to inhibit my clean eating lifestyle at that rate.

Pizza. For a variety of reasons, it would basically be sacrilegious for me to stop eating pizza. I love it. It loves me. I will eat any kind of pizza from the gourmet variety shown below to sick-nasty freezer pizza. I love it all. I even LOVVVVVE cauliflower crust pizza, which is clean! If I had to pick one meal to eat for the rest of my life, it would probably be pizza. Again, I usually only eat it on special occasions - birthdays, anniversaries or other parties.

Cherry Cordial Ice Cream from UDF. I'll be honest, when I started clean eating almost two years ago, I stopped eating dairy regularly. It wasn't intentional, it just sort of happened. Now, when I eat ice cream, it makes my stomach hurt. Sooooo....I reserve my ice cream indulgences for Homemade Brand (aka UDF) Cherry Cordial. Seriously - best ever - worth the hurt. Been my favorite for many o' years. Yes, my favorite ice cream comes from a gas station. S-U-E  M-E.

Oh, also? If you're going to do this, go get ice cream OUT. Yes, it's more expensive this way, but guess what...there's not a chance that you're going to take a box of ice cream to bed with you and be really super sorry the next morning when you wake up with a spoon glued to your face and an empty ice cream box on your bedside table. Just saying.

Donuts. If you've known me for more than thirty seconds, you know that I've never met a donut I didn't like. My favorite? I know you want to know. Boston cream aka bavarian cream aka long john, etc. I just can't even. I remember getting donuts with my dad so many times growing up. My husband and I used to go for donuts on Friday and Saturday nights, in college, and today I go on donut dates with two of my friends and all the kids. It doesn't happen often at all and I try to reserve these indulgences for special occasions; but, no, I won't turn down a donut. Ever. Don't even try to tell me they cause XY or Z. I'll keep eating them. Donut diva for life! 

Coffee. Yeah. If we go on vacation, the Keurig comes, too. Guess what guys, I have four kids. Having a cup of coffee is like my own personal Happy Hour. I even use that toxic candy flavored liquid creamer (but only a tablespoon). That's right, no shame. Try to pry this Starbucks cup out of my hot little hand, I dare ya'.

So, there you have it. Even hardcore foodies like me can survive the clean eating life. I've managed to lose 40+ pounds while still eating this crap every now and then. I try not to take "breaks" (unless I'm incredibly off the tracks and that's a topic for another post) and I don't take whole days off - just one "treat" meal one time a week.

So, go for it! Have that donut and then get back to your veggies. 

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