Friday, January 9, 2015

We fixed the glitch, with a fabulous green smoothie.

We fixed the glitch. 

One of my favorite lines from office space. My husband and I quote that movie all the time.

In this post, I'm not referring to a glitch in the payroll system; I'm referring to a glitch in our kids' diets. You see, half of them (sometimes 75% of them) aren't down with the veggies. They get pushed to the side, covered up or tossed on an unsuspecting sibling's plate.

The other day, as I was taking a leisurely stroll through Costco with only two children in tow, I saw that the Zico coconut water was $4 off. I've tried coconut water before, and honestly, not impressed. However, I have heard how glorious it is in smoothies and wanted to give it a fair assessment. So, as you do at Costco, you make a commitment when you buy one of their ginormous bargains.

I was really happy to see that one serving of coconut water has as much potassium as a banana. I have super restless legs during pregnancy (annoying) and supposedly, potassium helps alleviate that. Win win. I ran some test projects through our Blend Tec and was VERY HAPPY that three of our children (one wouldn't try) LOVED the result. So, here it is...

(This makes a few decent servings)

  • 1.5 c Zico coconut water
  • 2 bananas
  • 1-2 cups frozen pineapple
  • 2-3 cups raw organic spinach
  • 1/2 cup raw oats (optional)
Combine all and blend until totally smooth! 

I like smoothies with oats, but some people may not prefer that flavor or consistency. To me, that makes it a meal as opposed to a snack.

I have been making green smoothies for about four years now, but nothing has set them off as much as adding coconut water! Also? Our eight, four and two years olds approve and ask for more! That makes this mama's whole foods heart happy! I love it and it will be a staple on our shopping list from now on.  

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