Monday, June 18, 2012

A haircut, followed by a spiritual lesson.

Okay. So, previously, I posted about cutting my own hair. I cut several inches off a month or so ago and it turned out well. Then, on Friday night, I got a little overly-confident with my new skill. I decided to cut some more off. Somewhere halfway through the process, I knew I was losing it (random chunks of hair, that is). I knew what was going to happen when I looked in the mirror. When I made the last snip, I let my hair down in looked in the mirror. "okay, okay, not that bad...the front is two inches longer than the back and that's fixable," I thought to myself. I went ahead and snipped the front to match the back. The problem was...I wasn't really equipped to make that fix on my own; I made some crazy maneuver that left the front about an inch and a half shorter than the back. It was starting to look like something from SNL. There, in my bathroom, at 10:30pm or so, I proceded to style my hair (cover my mess-up) in an effort to convince myself that it wasn't that bad. Once I was okay with it, I went to bed.

The next morning. 

I woke up with hair that very closely resembled my two-year-old's bedhead and uneven locks (not nearly as cute, of course). I looked at it, curled it, and immediately called my stylist friend (the one that I said may have to eventually come and save me). I explained my predicament. She responded with, "just call me when you need a haircut" and came right over to rescue my tortured locks.

The result? 

My hair is really short. It looks good because my stylist friend is super talented; she could put a lampshade on my head and make it look like the latest trend in hair artistry. However, it is shorter than I'm used to (which is totally my fault, btw, for getting scissor-happy).

So, what now? 

I learn a spiritual lesson of sorts. I'm not saying that haircutting is a spiritual lesson in itself, but it made me think about all of the times we (as Christians) try to fix things ourselves instead of calling out for help. I could rattle many, many accounts in my own life when I tried to be the solution instead of seeking God; We try to do things ourselves. We realize we're not doing the right thing, yet we do it anyway. When things don't work, we try to patch it all up ourselves. When that doesn't work, we (hopefully) call to Jesus for a fix. He may not fix it in the way we hoped (like how my stylist couldn't add 4 inches back to my hair) or as quickly as we'd hope, but everything is for His glory and is perfectly orchestrated by Him. 

Like my hair stylist friend who said, "Just call me when you need a haircut." Christ also commands that we call on Him. 
Jeremiah 29:13 says, "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." 

Speaking of issues more significant than my crooked hair,
 I have tried to be the solution. I have tried to solve a problem that was deeply rooted and obviously only fit for God to deal with. I've been refined and groomed by Christ, fixing me however he wishes.

Seek the professional problem-solver, call on Christ.


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  1. Yes--Christ is the ultimate problem-solver, deliverer, artist, and re-purposer! He makes all things new.

  2. Seriously, a great lesson in humility! I always think I have a handle on things and if I'm not in control of the situation that everything will fall apart...but everything is ALWAYS better when I let the Expert take the wheel!!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Like the other comment said too often I think I can fix my problems myself. God is the ultimate fixer!


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