Wednesday, June 6, 2012

PinFTW: Poke Cake!

My inner stay-at-home-mom is doing it again...she's forcing me to bake. At least last week's baking experiment had a purpose. Today, I found myself baking again and this time for no reason whatsoever!

During my daily Pinterest zone-out time, I keep seeing interesting recipes like this one, and this one. Poke cakes have probably been around forever, but this is the first time I've heard of them. When I saw Time Warp Wife share this variation (originally from Women Living Well), I (my inner-SAHM) knew a poke cake would be happening in my kitchen, and soon! Custard-filled baked goods are my favorite and I thought this cake may be similar in nature and wanted to give it a try with pudding instead of gelatin. I used this recipe as a base for my cake, changing a few things here and there. Read below to see how I modified it and to get some ideas of your own:

  • I didn't frost the cake with pudding. I used about 3/4 of the pudding mixture to fill the cake (and ate most of the rest out of the mixing bowl with a spoon - ssssshhhh!!!). 
  • I did use Duncan Hines Strawberry Frost frosting (because making it myself would only end in a bigger powdered sugar mess than I already had from the pudding). 
  • I used yellow cake, french vanilla pudding, and strawberry frost frosting. I highly recommend this combo!
  • I also topped the cake with sliced strawberries. I mean, vanilla + strawberry + strawberry = awesome. Everyone knows that. You can't have too many strawberries...unless you're allergic like my poor friend that I made strawberry cupcakes with strawberry frosting for - forgetting about her allergy. (Sorry again, Amy!)
I thought the cake was pretty delicious over all and my family agreed. It could have used more pudding, but I didn't want to make it a soggy mess.

I would love to try it out with different flavor combinations (white cake, vanilla pudding and chocolate icing, perhaps?). With all the pudding, frosting, and cake flavor options available - the possibilities are virtually endless!   

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  1. Tess, I just tried the Cookies and Cream Poke Cake...use dark chocolate cake...cookies and cream pudding (I put 2 boxes on so it layered the top too as frosting)...then crushed Oreos on top.

    1. That sounds so awesome, Deena! I love anything with Oreos. Maybe I'll try that next!! Thanks for the run-down!

  2. If you did the yellow cake, vanilla pudding, and a chocolate glaze it would be like a Boston cream pie.


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