Thursday, June 7, 2012

Water Logged!

So, at this point, visits to my OB are pretty routine and they go something like this..

Urine sample - Check
Blood pressure - Check
Baby Moving - Yes
Problems/Questions - No
Baby's Heartbeat - Good
See you next time.

This last time, though, my doctor (who is super awesome, by the way), walked into the exam room and looked me in the eyes quite seriously. She told me that I *really, really, really* need to be drinking more water. This is my second warning, by the way. Now, right before my appointment I had lunch and a piece of cake. I thought that probably negated any liquid I'd consumed (which was half a gatorade, some lemonade and a swig of 7-Up out of the bottle right before I walked out the door so I could produce *something* for the urine sample at my appointment). Apparently, those things don't constitute water consumption AND, I was kind of astounded at the amount of water I'm actually supposed to be drinking. On the days that I think I'm doing well with water, I'm actually only drinking about a liter - probably less. Guess how much I'm supposed to be drinking... three liters! Three! I have to drink one liter by lunch; one by dinner; and, one more by bed. Oh my word! Now, there are a few reasons that I'm not getting my daily fill, want to hear them? I thought so...

  1. Drinking more = peeing more. I already get up several times a night to do this and every time I do, I have to wash my hands. Washing my hands makes them dryer, itchier, and more dish-pannish than they already are. PS. I already have three kids; it's not like going to the bathroom 25 times a day is convenient. 
  2. My straw melted. That's of my kids...I have a cup that I really like. It's pretty and it had a fun straw to sip out of. My straw melted in the dishwasher a while ago and my water consumption has diminished seriously since then. Yes, I have a new cup now since I got in trouble.
  3. I'd rather have an icy cold Coca-Cola. Now, I like water. I really do, but I like Coke more. Given a choice of the two, I'd probably pick the Coke. Okay, I know I would. 
Water Logged
So, it's apparent that my excuses are pretty lame and all controllable. In a quest to get more water down the pipes, I went to my iPhone (of course, I did). You know, if it can't be tracked or calculated via my phone, it's probably not going to happen. I downloaded a great app called Waterlogged. Water Logged helps me record the amount of water I drink each day (it even let me upload a custom pic of my favorite sippy!); it also sends me reminders so I'm guilted into doing the right thing don't forget to drink-up! If there any other water water loggers around, I can also link up with them via the app for accountability. I'm pretty impressed with everything it does and, quite honestly, it's probably the only way I'll remember to guzzle three liters of h2O a day.

You know, drinking all this extra water will probably be good in more ways than one. 1.) I probably won't end up in the hospital with a nasty case of dehydration and a dozen IVs in my arm, 2.) I probably won't have much room left in my belly for cookies and cakes because of all that extra wa-wa sloshing around. So, win-win. 

What are your secrets for getting water down? I'd love to know! I'm off to fill up the second half of my first liter of the day!

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  1. I flavor my water with slices of lemon or lime, it is really tasty and refreshing and actually has some nutritional value ( Vit C) . I also add splashes of fruit juice to water, so it is like 90% water and 10% juice, it makes it more enjoyable to drink if you are bored of chugging plain water... I don't know if water would taste very good with a splash of Coca Cola in it though. ;)
    Having a cool bottle or glass that you use for water and keep refilling throughout the day helps. Fun bendy straws help too. Hope that helps you stay hydrated.


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