Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's heel-acious!

I'm issuing a disclaimer up front; if you're grossed out by feet, you probably want to go read someone else's blog today and check back tomorrow because we're talking about icky, dry, cracked, heels here today.

So, I'll tell you this, I don't spend a lot any time looking at other people's feet or even my own really. I've been known to keep my summer toenail paint-job on through the winter and into the next spring. I'm not talking about a salon pedicure either; I mean a 45 second paint job done on my way out the door to somewhere where people might actually look at/judge my toes.  Something about my feet has been a little troublesome lately, though. My heels were getting super dry and cracked; I figured it was just something that came with the territory of sandal-wearing and barefoot walking in the summer and that I'd have to wait it out. It's not like I can actually reach my feet right now to moisturize them anyway.

The other day, though, it was a miserable 90-something degrees outside; my ankles were SUPER swollen and my feet were killing me; while I couldn't do much about that, I decided the dry skin was one irritation I could take probably care of. I went to Target and bought a heel sander without doing any prior Googling, of course, to see how I could best cure my rhino-skin feet (that's gross, I know). I ripped open the sander as soon as I got home and took care of that gross dry skin! My brute-force method did work, but since then I found a pretty sweet tutorial online that I think I'm going to try next time. Check it out here! Turns out I'm not the only one with icky summer feet!

So, people, I'm so happy about my soft(er) feet that it almost makes me want to paint my toenails more than once a summer!! If you have a case of sandal-foot, check out the tutorial. You'll be glad you did. :)

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