Wednesday, July 18, 2012

PinFTW: Scrub the shower, while you're showering!

Though I try to face all of my domestic responsibilities with a happy heart, there's still one household responsibility that my heart is having trouble being super happy about...the bathroom. Friends...I'm grossed out by bathroom cleaning, for real. A week or so ago, though, I found something SUPER pinteresting that's going to make facing the bathroom cleaning routine a little bit easier.

There are two things I loathe about the bathroom - the toilet and the shower. This solution is for the shower, and I'm pretty happy that 1/2 of my bathroom cleaning woes can now be safely and simply eliminated by this very pin! Here's the gist of it. 

  • Go to your favorite discount store, and buy a fillable dish scrubber. I think the one pictured is made by Scotch Brite. 
  • Fill it up 
  • Scrub the tar out of your shower walls and tub while you're finishing up your shower! 
  • Pat yourself on the back for multi-tasking! 
Here are some things for you to think about: 
  • This post suggests using vinegar/water in the scrubber. While I've posted before about how much I LOVE cleaning with vinegar, I really don't care to be inhaling vinegar vapors while I'm showering. Something about that just feels a little counterproductive to showering. I replaced the vinegar with one-part hot water to two-parts Dr. Bronners Pure Castile Soap - you know, the soap that has a TON of uses. It worked super well! I also felt GREAT about not having to come back to clean the shower at a later time.
  • I love the fact that I don't have to get out the harsh cleaning chemicals for this job. One of my biggest problems with cleaning the tub (in addition to awkwardly reaching over the bath without stepping on a newly cleaned surface) is that I no longer have to touch or inhale nasty cleaning chemicals while I'm cleaning. THAT IS A HUGE BONUS!
  • Let your kids know that this scrubber IS NOT A BACK SCRATCHER. Now, one of my daughters asked about that or I never would have thought about it. I'd hate for some poor child scratch the tar out of him or herself (or a sibling) by thinking this is a loofah of sorts. Keep it out of reach of the kiddos. 
That's it! Let me know if you try it/like it. I'm actually rather looking forward to cleaning the shower again next time. Okay, now this is just getting weird. Have a happy day everyone!

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  1. TWO people linked up about cleaning their showers today. I guess there's a message in there for me somewhere...

  2. Ooh, that's a great idea... I loathe shower cleaning, too! adding it to my shopping list! :)


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