Thursday, July 19, 2012

We're in the home stretch! Thoughts on pregnancy and a prayer.

Ok guys, this pregnancy is winding down!!! Since this is Baby #4, I've had less time to think about actually preparing for birth. I know what you're thinking...what do you need to prepare for birth?

After four kids, don't you have it down?? 

Besides, doesn't it just kinda, "happen?" 

Well, it does just kinda "happen," but I like to do a little pre-L&D brainwashing, if you will. I would much rather have a Natural Child Birth if at all possible. I'm not trying to win the NCB award or anything by telling you that, but I didn't have a positive epidural experience with my first baby and I've enjoyed going preferred to go without it since then. PS. My negative epi experience was probably due to the fact that my stomach was so stinkin' big that I couldn't lean forward enough for the epi to go in well during the first (seven) attempts. That was my fault for gaining 60+ lbs, btw, not the anesthesiologist's....oh and for waiting until 7cm to ask for the epi. Moving on...

A good friend of mine, who home-births, gave me some NCB tips a while ago. I posted them here earlier in the pregnancy when L&D seemed far enough away that I didn't truly have to worry about it just yet. I think it's time, now, to revisit some of those tips - begin brainwashing and praying! Regardless of how my birth experience ends up (this baby could decide to flip around and give me a c-section for all I know), I just pray that it's a peaceful experience that I can look back on happily.

Additionally, I know quite a few other mamas about ready to pop (one who's having a c-section today, even!) I want to take a moment and pray for these ladies as birth - rather we prepare for it or not - is a huge undertaking. It's something that changes our lives forever any way it happens. So, here it is:
Heavenly Father,  
I pray for my friends and family who will soon be welcoming a new child into their lives.

I pray, Lord, that you will give them strength, trust and wisdom as they embark on this major life-changing event.  
I pray, also, that they will be able to rest in you, Lord, even at their weariest hour in this new endeavor.

I ask that you remove all traces of fear from their minds and to allow them to be at total peace, knowing that you are the Creator and the Great Physician and all things begin and end with your divine plan.

I pray that you will guide the doctors and nurses with the utmost precision as they help bring these new babies into the world.

I pray Lord, that these new moms, dads, and siblings will feel your holy presence as they make the adjustment of bringing a new family member home.  
I pray that you give them patience, strength, and healing in the days to come.  
All of this, Lord, I pray in your precious and most Holy name! Amen.

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