Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm gonna sue you, norovirus!

Ok, so we're not the suing type. One day last week, in a state of total grossed outness and frustration, I actually told my husband that I'd like to sue the stupid stomach virus that leached on to our family, if I could. Of course, I can't. So, let's blog about it instead, shall we?

Yes, let's.

So, we know all sorts of people who've had this dag gone thing. My friend Jenny's family had it for A MONTH! It's accounted for about a dozen canceled play-dates and it needs to go on and get lost already! I somehow thought we got a get-out-of-noro-free pass with all the other crud that ran through here this winter; alas, it started with the three-year-old, who had never thrown up before.

That's always fun.

She started in the middle of the night and was fine seconds later, of course. The next child - our baby - was also in the middle of the night almost on cue every couple hours. In all seriousness, having a sick infant is really traumatic on a mama. After that, it was the oldest who got sick (without warning, mind you) moments after we walked into the grocery. Blue light special, right over here. Next, our poor boy. He had a a mild case and kept it all contained for us. He's sweet like that.

Then, mama got a vicious case of it.

I was sick for several days; it was horrible. That is all.

Then, the hubs got it.

He's been a total trooper.

Alas, God is good, right?? Most of spring break may have been consumed by vomit and clorox, but
we're making it through! Every time I began to get fussy about our situation, I tried to turn it around to a praise instead. I have to remind myself about 500 times on any given day not to be negative. I'm working on it. Here are some things I came up with. Hopefully you'll see that even the worst situations are for God's good. Maybe we got down with the noro because we really needed some humbling to happen? Who knows. But, here's what I do know:

Praise God for...

  1. Our working washer and dryer. This past week would have been incredibly difficult without it!
  2. The new water heater we got a week or two before. Hot water is a necessity for all those clean-ups!
  3. The strength to fold and put away all that laundry!
  4. Healing! Norovirus is horrible, but we're pulling through!
  5. The fact that we weren't vacationing in Florida, where we originally planned to be. Wouldn't THAT be something fierce. We had too much going on and canceled our trip a few weeks beforehand.
  6. A lesson in humility. If holding you child's hair as she vomits repeatedly on the grocery store floor as folks pass by isn't a lesson in humility...I'm not sure what is.
  7. Extra clean kids! Lots of baths and showers last week!
  8. Our oldest being home on break (not having to miss school) and being able to help occupy the non-sicklings when she wasn't sick and others were.
  9. Grandparents that occupied the older children when mommy was getting sick and hallucinating about tornados, cheddar bay biscuits and double rainbows. I told you this virus is wack! 
  10. My husband's flexible schedule. He was able to help so much.
  11. A surge in nesting power. Nothing makes you want to clean the house and push all the laundry through like a week of sickness. Our house is (almost entirely) super clean! Still finishing a few rooms and laundry. :)
  12. Nice weather at the end of the week! It wasn't a total loss. We got to a museum, park, and family get together.
  13. Support and prayers from other friends who have been in this situation.
  14. The opportunity to spend extra time with the kids - reading, snuggling up, and relaxing (as much as possible) instead of running a million different directions.
  15. A break from social media. I just couldn't stomach the food pics.
  16. Most importantly, assurance from our Lord that all things are good - even when they may seem not so good at the moment.
That's all, guys! Hope you're staying healthy. :)

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  1. Awesome post. Still praying for you guys that noro gets up and gets OUT! And I must agree on the social media break - I couldn't look at Instagram hardly at all when we had it! Blech!! Hang in there! Clorox clean-up FTW!

  2. Stumbled on your blog. Have enjoyed reading through some of your stuff. Admire you for your step of faith in the direction of weight. Something hard for a lot of women. But anything is hard for us when we are obesessed wth addictions of any kind right? Praise the Lord He is there to pick us up when we fall! Sorry to hear your family has been through the tumy bug. I am recvoering from the flu! Yes, the flu in April! Glad I saw your blog. Hugs and blessins, Cindy

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Cindy! I hope you're feeling totally better very soon! ~Tess


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