Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Isn't that just dandy? A review of Dandy Blend herbal beverage.

When I go into a natural food store, I tend to lose my mind a little. I see all of these awesome miracle herbs and spices and waters and beans that are supposed to make you lose weight, attain spotless health record and so on. You know what I mean. A couple weeks ago, I was perusing the aisles at our local natural foods store (with four children, btw), in search of hazelnuts and nutritional yeast. I found those, and this,

And about $75 worth of other crap that jumped off the shelves into my cart. I brought it home, sent it to its place in the pantry and thought on it. Now, I'm NOTORIOUS for buying stuff like this then chickening out. I just kept thinking of reasons why I shouldn't drink it and should, instead, pawn it off on some other naturopathic person with more guts than me. I mean, for goodness sakes...

  • I'm allergic to grass, I surely have to be allergic to dandelions? What if this stuff makes my throat close up and then no one knows how to save me.
  • What if it tastes like burnt coffee then ruins me for real coffee forever?
  • What if I use it, can't take the taste and then I've wasted $11? 
So I did what I do for all food dilemmas.  I consulted Pinterest.

I saw that others had indeed consumed the Dandy Blend and lived to write creative recipes using it and even blog posts about it. SO. After combing Pinterest and reading every word of the company's FAQ section on their site, I decided to go for it. After-all, I'm trying to be VERY clean here in an effort to lose the weight I've packed on with cookies and ice cream this summer. So, Instagrammed all the way, of course. I mean, in the slim chance that the stuff DID kill me, at least there'd be evidence on the cause of death.

Here we go: 

It sure looks like coffee, doesn't it? 

To make sure I avoided any trace of bitterness, so I could return to my beloved Gevalia, I used these things (heat the coconut milk in the microwave - add Dandy Blend, cinnamon and blend on high speed in the Ninja).

And then I got this. Looks a little Starbucksy, no? Maybe a little? 

Guess what! It's good AND I lived to tell about it. It tastes about as much like coffee as coffee! It's a totally enjoyable coffee substitute. I loved it. What was I afraid of?

So, here's to a smooth natural, very clean, coffee-eque beverage! I think you should try it! Check out their website for more info:

This post is not sponsored, though it probably should be. I bet the Dandy Blend people would love that I've told the world about their non-poisonous delicious coffee treat. All opinions herein are mine.

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  1. I love you SO much. Will you make me a cup when I come over? I mean at $11 a bag though, you might have to charge me.


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