Friday, August 23, 2013

Purse? Suitcase? You decide.

So, a little while ago, I had the hubs on a manhunt for car keys in the dark and spooky fortress known as, my purse. When he finally found them, he (kindly) mentioned that I may want to "clean that thing out." Ahem. Now, I do know there's a lot of crap in my purse. I mean, my word, I think it's the size of most folks' beach bags, but c'mon. What if I need some most all of that crap that lies within?

I figure most of you can relate, so I thought I'd blog about the contents of my purse (not because you care, but maybe you'll feel better about your own disheveled bags of miscellany). Then, I remembered, my friends over at Mommin' it Up did that already. For the record, I think Emily has more crap than I do, but we'll see. So, here it goes!!

This is my ginormous purse. It's a Retro Metro Elite from Thirty-One. I love, love, love this bag. It's pretty and fully functional as a purse...or beach bag, diaper bag, over-night bag, etc. The only thing that bites doesn't have a top closure. I'm trading that minor inconvenience for the beauty of this bag. Isn't it cute? I am a Thirty-One lady. So, I'm probably partially partial. You know. Just partially. my purse sub-culture. I use the Thirty-One zipper pouch to hold it all together. Contents contain: two bibles (mine and the hubs) so we always know where they are when it's time for church; A box of business cards - because you just never know when an opportunity will present itself; Miscellaneous writing utensils; Some blue nail polish and some body spray (for when I have to go somewhere in public immediately after working out - I prefer not to stink. That's just me, though). 

The obligatory pile of random crap. My pile contains: Chipotle napkins, receipts, straw wrappers, privacy act paperwork from the doctor's office, a slap bracelet and a random piece of string. 

Here are a few things that really are necessities. I know you'll agree... Burt's bees hand creme so my hands don't burst into flames every time I have an excema flare-up; yummy EOS lip balm; random lip gloss that I found in the Target clearance bin; aspartame-free gum that I'm not supposed to be chewing because of TMJ; TJ's ginger mints; and, of course, one of the girls' sunglasses that I'm "carrying" for her....and that don't get worn for more than 30 seconds at a time. 

The true ginormous Timeless Wallet (also 31) and a teeny-tiny Fossil wallet where I keep my change. If I didn't have the Fossil wallet, I'd have change lining the bottom of my purse - guaranteed.

Oh, I lied, I have two piles of random papers. This one has my Thirty-One fold-and-go organizer (I think that's what it was called - it's retired now); a Scentsy catalog (because I never know when I'm going to have an opportunity to sell for my cousin); check books and some other random store paperwork and flyers. 

And, last but not least, probably the single most widely used OCD combat tool - hand sanitizer. Let me tell you something. I've destroyyyyyyyyyyyyyyed my skin with this stuff. Absolutely, positively, destroyed it. I used to use it every time I touched something - like shopping carts, gas pumps, other people, mail, the newspaper, door knobs, steering wheels, other people's phones, shoes, other people's pens and pencils, etc). I've used it before and after using anti-bacterial soap on my hands (which I also don't use now). I know. I don't abuse it anymore, but I need it for baby diaper changes on-the-go (because, let's face it, if I have to pick between eczema and toting diaper germs, I'm going to pick the eczema). 

The end! Oh, and if you wonder where my phone lives, it stays in my pocket. I would never find it fast enough in the abyss. Feel better about your own purse now? :)

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  1. My word, you have a lot in your bag! I can't carry a big hurts my neck and then gives me a headache. I do like your purse...super cute!


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