Thursday, July 17, 2014

What is this core you speak of?

Growing up, I was in 2-4 dance classes a week plus some gymnastics work here and there; and, though
I was too young to know better at the time, I was great shape. After high school, I didn't maintain that same level of fitness. I just did what I had to do to get through college (which involved daily taco bell and the new-found glory of Starbucks coffee) while working full-time or close to it. I worked my butt off to achieve career goals, but let my physical activity level dwindle into oblivion. 

Right after college (I mean two weeks after graduation), we were married and had our first baby within two years of that time. We had another baby every two years after and while I may have dropped pounds, my actual fitness level never really improved. Ever hear of skinny fat? Yeah. 

Anywho. I couldn't even do a sit-up without a medicine ball because my core was seemingly dead. Gone. No where to be found. I thought maybe that's just how it was going to be after four babies stretched my stomach into uncharted territories.

Over the last two weeks, I've been dedicated and determined to move through the PiYo fitness challenge, without missing a day. I've been successful so far and while I haven't taken measurements yet (waiting till after week 4), I can totally tell a difference already. I am confident my core strength will return! My balance is still there. My agility and flexibility is improving with every workout. And, guess what? Last night, I did sit-ups WITHOUT a medicine ball. You have no idea. I've tried SOOOOO many times since having kids, and I just couldn't do it. It was like someone was holding me down. 

Because I'm a slave to the scale (I know this isn't good, you don't have to tell me), I do know that I'm down 5lbs since starting PiYo! 

But, I have to remind you of something reeeeallly important. Have you ever heard the saying: Abs are made in the kitchen?  I totally believe that, too. In addition to being really strict with PiYo, I maintain a clean eating, vegetarian lifestyle - including one Shakeology a day. 

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  1. way to go hitting those crunches! So with you on the eating better! I feel ten times better about myself when I eat better :) congrats on the weight loss!!


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