Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Everybody has that friend...

That's totally my hand; not a kid's. 
Who is an awesome gardener and brings over delicious garden fresh produce all season long. Right? If you don't have a friend like that, you totally need to find one. Yesterday we were blessed with three ginormous zucchini. I kid you not. These zucchinis were bigger than our newborn babies. 

I love zucchini and I've made quite a few zucchini recipes over the years (remember the zoats I posted about not long ago? How about the zucchini brownies?), but today I was on a quest for something new. I gave Pinterest a whirl for a little bit, but when dinner time came around, I ended up modifying another tried and true recipe that our family loves.

I present to you, Garden Style Fried Rice

This recipe was super flavorful and really the only effort included is sauteeing some veggies and scrambling some eggs. Anyone can make this amazing, flavorful dish. I'll cut to the chase and tell you how.

1.) Cook your (brown) rice (2c uncooked). You guys know white rice is over the foul line, right? Also? If you don't have a rice maker, please get a rice maker. You can even get the el cheapo rice maker at Target. It will make your task of achieving perfect brown rice, easier; promise!

2.) When your rice is nearing the finish line, warm up some oil in your favorite skillet (I used grapeseed). Slice, sauté and season your veggies over med-low heat . I used chopped carrots; sliced onion; and sliced zucchini (when using carrots, add them in way before everything else as they take the longest to cook). Season to taste with: sea salt, cayenne, minced onions (I don't know why I seasoned onion with onion, I just did. Sue me.).

3.) When your veggies are getting nice and tender, crack and whisk some eggs in a bowl, I used four for my hungry hungry hippos. Besides, there's never enough egg in fried rice. Amen? Then, when you're ready, scramble those suckers up in another (non-stick - this is no time to make a mess) pan.

4.) When your rice dinger goes off, add the rice (gently, now) to the veggies. Still gently, incorporate all, then add egg. After that, I gave it all another once over with the salt, soy sauce (about 1/4 cup - don't saturate the rice) and added some tumeric for color, flavor and lots of interest. I LOVE tumeric. It gives the dish that "I'm not really eating brown rice" feel.

Serve and enjoy!!! I really did have to stop myself from eating more of this. I enjoyed every second and I hope you to, too. :) 

This meal is kid and husband approved.

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