Friday, October 18, 2013

We aren't even blonde (right now).

SO, you guys, I was super excited when Gevalia selected me to be one of their Chatterboxes. As a Chatterbox, I got to test out their new Cafe-Style K-Cups and tell the internet all about them. They sent me box of cappuccino to run through our Keurig and share with some friends. So, when the box showed up, I knew exactly which friend I was going to share it with first - the one who introduced me to Gevalia, of course! SO, Jenny and all her littles came over this morning to visit and indulge in some delicious Gevalia, perfect for this chilly fall day!

I'd already had one cup of coffee this morning (though totally not apparent by the string of events I'm about to share with you), so I took the old coffee out of the Keurig, as well as the entire plastic insert and reusable filter. Ahem. This is where bad things happened. I excitedly put a K-Cup in, and the brewer started spraying water and coffee grounds all over the darn place (see photo, above).

As I'm giving the brewer the stank-eye for being a jerk and examining the K-Cup (which must have been faulty, right?), I start ripping open another froth packet to try again. THE SAME SCENE on take 2. We were about to call it a day and cart all seven kids to Starbucks when I noticed that I left the brewer's plastic K-Cup holding insert - right in front of me, on the counter.

My bad.

Sorry, Keurig.
Sorry, Gevalia.
Sorry, Jenny.

Take three. We finally get a nice cup brewed and Jenny thinks it needs a weeeeee little bit of sugar. She's over there mixing and stirring and all while I brew my cup. Then, I get the stank-eye from Jenny. She says "Um, do you think...I that the salt I just put in here?"

Yeah, that's what you get for displaying so much hatred toward Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Jenny! She totally salted her coffee. We basically burst into the laughter, which soon became that weird silent I'm-laughing-so-hard-no-noise-is-coming-out laughter.

Take four and five. We get a good brew for her, a good brew for me, NO SALT, and the results were amazing! Gevalia has created a product that truly does taste like a high-quality coffee-house beverage. On take four and five, we were super impressed. ;)

Thank you, Gevalia, for such a delicious product! AND, thank you for sending enough coffee that we could have several domestic mishaps and still get to enjoy the product. I'll definitely keeping a box on-hand and using, with caution, in the future!! Love it!


  1. It was SO funny, but if that 4th cup hadn't worked out, I would've been crying tears of real grief instead of laughter! Super-tasty though! I heart Gevalia!

  2. That's so cute! Too bad it wasn't a caramel coffee flavor because Jenny could have played it off as being in vogue with the salted caramel fad. Stay calm and coffee on friends.


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