Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nasty storms and million dollar houses. Let's learn from this.

If you've known me for more than a second, you have most likely learned that I'm terrified of severe weather. It could have something to do with the fact that I watched Wizard of
Oz every single day for a few years of my childhood; or, it could be that I'm a little bit OCD and big freak-nasty storms that I can't do anything about (except go hide) make me feel out of control and anxious; and, well, like I'm going to throw up. I'll do just about anything I can to get away from a storm. Today was no different.

I was headed down the highway when I saw some ominous clouds looming up ahead. I had the opportunity to exit the highway right then and take an alternate route (which would get me away from said scary clouds). So, off the highway we went. I was driving peacefully for a good 10 minutes or so when it started to rain. After a few more minutes, the rain was really pouring down and, as my heart rate was increasing, I was giving myself a pep-talk. It went something like this, "Suck it up. It's not the end of the world, just rain. You're 31. Keep driving and don't freak out." So, I drive on and guess what happens next...

I. Can't. See.

The rain was coming down so hard that I couldn't see a foot in front of me. So, I quickly pull off the road (into a neighborhood with million dollar houses, btw). Awesome. I'm getting flustered and can't stop thinking about what I'd do if I had to find some place to take shelter and none of these people are home because they're all doctors and lawyers and such. I really was expecting this spring rainstorm to turn into total devastation, I think. The rain calms down after a minute; I pat myself on the back for surviving and we start to drive again. No sooner do I get back out to the main road, I start getting hailed on. ARE. YOU. SERIOUS. At this point, I have the snow globe effect going on in my head. Do I stop the car? Do I go find someone? Do I haul all the kids out? Is there a tornado creepin' up us? I was just losing control (in my head). After another couple minutes, the hail subsided and the rain tapered off for the most part. I drove on, and started thinking.

Driving through a storm is a lot like God's will for our lives. I saw something unpleasant coming during my drive and turned from it. I thought I had control; alas, God wanted me to learn a lesson and TRUST in Him that it would be okay. I thought I could make the drive by going another direction; then I couldn't see; then I got confused and when I thought it was getting better, I got hailed on! Then, don't you know, God cleared up the sky and took away the rain when He wanted to; in His perfect timing! Isn't going through one of the Lord's lessons JUST LIKE THAT sometimes? And, as we know, sometimes the best lessons learned come from the toughest challenges endured. So, my friends, sometimes God puts us through things to bring us closer to Him; to build that relationship of trust, of tough love. All I can say, is use it as a chance to learn and praise him. Always, always, praise Him. All things are good, even the nasty storms.

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